book cover of Starship Arcadia

Starship Arcadia

(The second book in the Farthest Reaches series)
A novel by

It started with a mission to return home...
...But what was found will decide the fate of the galaxy.

The Great Famine continues to ravage Earth, Planet Kahwin has been liberated from the Shapers, and the future looks promising. Captain Scott Moore completes his quest to discover Starship Arcadia.

Then everything changes...

Arcadia, with a mind of its own, abducts Moore and his crew to the last surviving antediluvian space station. Though welcomed as heroes, not everyone embraces their arrival. A diplomat approaches Moore with an offer: thousands of personnel to crew Arcadia in exchange for reforming an ancient alliance against the Keepers. The alternative? Death.

With Earth on the verge of collapse and an imminent alien invasion of Kahwin, humanity’s future hangs in the balance.

Will Moore’s loyalty to Earth lead to ruin?

If you crave lore-heavy space operas, fast-paced action, and deadly intrigue that grips you from start to finish, you’ll love the second book in the epic military sci-fi series: Starship Arcadia.

Don’t miss out. Grab your copy today and join the fight for humanity’s survival.

Book 2 in a rollicking new sci-fi adventure from Brandon Ellis & Max Wolfe that delivers the action you’ve been waiting for. It’s perfect for fans of Jeffery H. Haskell, B. V. Larson, Jasper Scott, and those who love military Sci-Fi and space opera!

Genre: Science Fiction

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