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To Save an Emperor

(The third book in the Shadow Watch series)
A novel by

In the shadowy depths of interstellar intrigue, Hex Thorn—renowned bounty hunter and retired veteran of the Dominion’s elite forces—finds his loyalty and purpose challenged like never before.

Lured into the murky orbit of the Xiao Dynasty, Hex’s newest assignment spirals him into a conspiracy that threatens to tear the galaxy asunder.

Tasked with capturing Shigman Osada, an ex-martial artist with a lethal reputation, Hex’s hunt leads him to the planet Honshu. Osada, a man whose hands are stained with the blood of countless adversaries, has vanished into the underbelly of Di-Yuh, a fallen city that refuses to relinquish its hold on those who dare enter. It’s a place built upon the ruins of forgotten empires and ruled by the iron fist of criminal syndicates where leaving is a privilege few can afford.

Kuse, the mission’s benefactor with an empire of wealth and a philanthropist’s façade, insists Osada be brought back unscathed. Yet, as Hex and his team delve into Di-Yuh’s enigmatic streets, they unearth unsettling truths: Osada may not be the villain he’s painted to be, and Kuse’s motives are as shrouded as the city’s darkened alleyways.

What is Kuse hiding? And what explosive secrets does Osada hold that could make him a pawn or a catalyst in a looming galactic upheaval?

As the web of lies unravels, Hex confronts a chilling prospect. Two dominant forces, the Xiao Dynasty and the Union of Free Worlds, are on a collision course with Dominion—an empire Hex swears fealty to. The outcome could ignite a war that throws the cosmos into unfathomable chaos.

Caught between duty and truth, Hex must navigate a labyrinth of deceit and betrayal where choices carry weight heavier than a supernova’s collapse. With the fate of empires in his hands, can Hex thwart a cataclysm that might erase his own world from the stars?

TO SAVE AN EMPEROR: SHADOW WATCH is the third installment of the riveting Shadow Watch series. Hex Thorn’s journey barrels forward at warp speed, entangling alliances, double-crosses, and a relentless quest for truth that could forge a hero’s destiny—or doom an empire to ashes.

Genre: Science Fiction

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