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Shadows Made Real

(The sixth book in the Tales of the Territories series)
A novel by

The monsters grow bolder, emerging from the darkness.
Can Jakob and his friends survive the horrors sent against them?

In their relentless struggle for freedom, the Highlanders cling to a fragile advantage. But their defiance draws the wrath of the Governors, who wield bloodshed and terror to quash the rebellion.

Jakob and Talia find themselves thrust into the heart of the conflict, pursued by Stalkers intent on extinguishing their resistance. Each attack reinforces their belief that defeating the malevolent forces plaguing them demands nothing less than the permanent removal of the Governors.

Talia's quest for justice leads her down a perilous path. She discovers that the cost may be unbearable, risking everything she holds dear for vengeance, including her love for Davin.

Meanwhile, Jakob confronts an even darker peril far more menacing than the Stalkers and Wraiths. Has he unwittingly unleashed an ancient evil that will consume New Caledonia?

Elsewhere, Bryen and Aislinn confront Kendric Winborne and his wife, only to find themselves ensnared in a perilous trap.

Discover the chilling truths that lurk in the shadows in Book 6 of The Tales of the Territories, an enthralling saga of sword and sorcery by acclaimed author Peter Wacht.

The Tales of the Territories are part of the universe of The Realms of the Talent and the Curse. If you want to find out more about this world, read the preceding series:

The Sylvan Chronicles (9-book series)
The Tales of Caledonia (7-book series)

Genre: Young Adult Fantasy

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