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Samantha Shannon was born in west London in 1991. She started writing at the age of fifteen. Between 2010 and 2013 she studied English Language and Literature at St Anne's College, Oxford. In 2012 the Women of the Future Awards shortlisted her for The Young Star Award. The Bone Season is her first novel and has been sold in twenty-one countries.

Genres: Young Adult Fantasy, Fantasy
New Books
January 2023

A Day of Fallen Night
(Roots of Chaos)
Samantha Shannon recommends
Station Eleven (2014)
Emily St. John Mandel
"A haunting tale of art and the apocalypse. Station Eleven is an unmissable experience."
False Hearts (2016)
(False Hearts, book 1)
Laura Lam
"Just fantastic. Rarely have I torn through a book so quickly. Dark, smart, fast-paced and sexy."
Dark Made Dawn (2016)
(Australia , book 3)
J P Smythe
"A truly chilling and ruthless world, brilliantly realised."
The Belles (2018)
(Belles , book 1)
Dhonielle Clayton
"Sumptuous and original worldbuilding, heart-pounding plot and gorgeous prose."
The Wren Hunt (2018)
(Wren Hunt, book 1)
Mary Watson
"The Wren Hunt rings with ancient, subtle magic, masterfully transmuted into words. A tale that gets into your bones."
This Story Is a Lie (2018)
Tom Pollock
"Tom Pollock displays a graceful mastery of both words and numbers in this brainy, unpredictable, and truly original thriller."
The Boneless Mercies (2018)
April Genevieve Tucholke
"Ruthless and lyrical, heart-warming and blood-chilling, and beautifully redolent of ancient tales and history. It will sing to a new generation of heroes."
The Girl King (2019)
(Girl King, book 1)
Mimi Yu
"Everything I want in a high fantasy. Yu draws fluently from history to create an exquisite world, brings it to life with gorgeous and atmospheric prose, and populates it with fascinating characters. . . I can't wait to see what this very talented author does next."
Queen of Coin and Whispers (2020)
Helen Corcoran
"Elegant and clever ... a treasure chest of a fantasy debut, as rich in well-drawn characters as it is in treachery, secrets and desire ... I couldn't stop reading."
Blood Moon (2020)
Lucy Cuthew
"With every verse of her debut, Cuthew shouts down the shame, chips away at the period taboo, and firmly establishes herself as a bold and vital new voice in feminist literature."
Dragon Mountain (2020)
(Dragon Realm , book 1)
Katie Tsang and Kevin Tsang
"DRAGON MOUNTAIN is a joy to read – adventurous and enchanting, with a heart of gold. It will make you re-live the moment you first looked at the sky and longed to see a dragon looking back."
House of Hollow (2021)
Krystal Sutherland
"In House of Hollow, Krystal Sutherland turns her razor-sharp imagination to new horizons and proves, once again, that words blossom at her command. This story will steal up your spine, slip beneath your skin, and stick to you like honey."
Witches Steeped in Gold (2021)
(Witches Steeped in Gold, book 1)
Ciannon Smart
"Aglow with detail, Witches Steeped in Gold is a thundering waterfall of magic, vengeance and intrigue. Smart spirits the reader straight to the heart of a vivid and perilous world, where power rests in the hands of women and fate turns on the bonds they break and forge."
Blackheart Knights (2021)
Laure Eve
"King Arthur as you've never seen him before. Eve doesn't just capture lightning, but commands it, in a riveting tragedy of blood and desire. A masterwork of urban fantasy - and the coolest thing you'll read this year."
The Wolf and the Woodsman (2021)
Ava Reid
"Rooted in history and myth, The Wolf and the Woodsman is a stunning debut . . . It will twine like a dark forest around your heart."
She Who Became the Sun (2021)
(Radiant Emperor, book 1)
Shelley Parker-Chan
"Magnificent in every way. War, desire, vengeance, politics - Shelley Parker-Chan has perfectly measured each ingredient of this queer historical epic. Glinting with bright rays of wit and tenderness, yet unafraid to delve into the deep shadows of human ambition, She Who Became the Sun, like Zhu, is unquestionably destined for greatness."
Green Rising (2021)
Lauren James
"Lauren James isn’t just headed for the stars – she’s already there."
How High We Go in the Dark (2022)
Sequoia Nagamatsu
"Wonderful and disquieting, dreamlike and all too possible. [How High We Go in the Dark] reaches far beyond our stars while its heart remains rooted to Earth, and reminds us that our wellbeing depends on the wellbeing of our world."
Her Majesty's Royal Coven (2022)
(HMRC, book 1)
Juno Dawson
"Juno Dawson is at the top of her game in this vibrant and meticulous take on witchcraft. Her characteristic wit and grit shine through."
Godkiller (2023)
(Godkiller, book 1)
Hannah Kaner
"GODKILLER will have you in its grasp from the first pages."

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