R A J Walling

(Robert Alfred John Walling)
UK flag (1869 - 1949)

Genres: Mystery
Tolefree Mystery
   The Fatal Five Minutes (1932)
   Follow the Blue Car (1933)
   The Five Suspects (1934)
     aka Legacy of Death
   Eight to Nine (1934)
   The Tolliver Case (1934)
   VIII to IX (1934)
     aka The Bachelor Flat Mystery
   The Cat And The Corpse (1935)
     aka The Corpse In The Green Pyjamas
   The Corpse In The Crimson Slippers (1935)
   The Corpse with the Dirty Face (1936)
   The Crime in Cumberland Court (1936)
   Mr. Tolefree's Reluctant Witnesses (1936)
     aka The Corpse In The Coppice
   Bury Him Deeper (1937)
     aka Marooned with Murder
   The Mystery Of Mr Mock (1937)
     aka The Corpse With The Floating Foot
   The Coroner Doubts (1938)
     aka The Corpse With The Blue Cravat
   More Than One Serpent (1938)
     aka The Corpse with the Grimy Glove
   Dust In The Vault (1939)
     aka The Corpse With The Blistered Hand
   They Liked Entwhistle (1939)
   The Spider and the Fly (1940)
     aka Why Did Trethewy Die?
   By Hook Or Crook (1941)
   Castle Dinas (1942)
     aka The Corpse with the Eerie Eye
   The Doodled Asterisk (1943)
     aka A Corpse By Any Other Name
   The Corpse Without a Clue (1944)
   The Late Unlamented (1948)
   The Corpse With The Missing Watch (1949)
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