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John Rhode

(Cecil John Charles Street)
UK flag (1884 - 1964)

aka Miles Burton, Cecil Waye

John Rhode was one pseudonym used by the prolific English author Cecil John Charles Street who also wrote as Miles Burton and Cecil Waye. Street lived at Seaford and produced four detective novels a year for thirty-seven years. He was a serving British army officer who attained the rank of Major. He also wrote non-fiction, focussing on history and criminology.

Street was reticent about his background, but there is evidence that he was born in Gibraltar and may have attended a public school in Berkshire, possibly Wellington College. He was awarded a Military Cross and an OBE.

Street's two main series are the Dr Lancelot Priestley books under the Rhode name, and the Desmond Merrion/Inspector Henry Arnold books under the Burton name. The Priestley books are classics of scientific detection, with the elderly Dr Priestley demonstrating how apparently impossible crimes have been carried out. Priestley ages through the series and by the last books must be well into his eighties, but his faculties are unimpaired. The Burton series are more traditional detective fiction with the addition of chases and the occasional romance; in fact the hero, amateur investigator Desmond Merrion, meets his wife in the first, The Secret of High Eldersham (1930).

Genres: Mystery
Dr. Priestley
1. The Paddington Mystery (1925)
2. Dr. Priestley's Quest (1926)
3. The Ellerby Case (1927)
4. The Murders in Praed Street (1928)
5. Tragedy At the Unicorn (1928)
6. The Davidson Case (1929)
     aka Murder at Bratton Grange
7. The House on Tollard Ridge (1929)
8. Dr. Priestley Investigates (1930)
     aka Pinehurst
9. Peril At Cranbury Hall (1930)
10. The Hanging Woman (1931)
11. Tragedy On the Line (1931)
12. Dead Men At the Folly (1932)
13. Mystery At Greycombe Farm (1932)
14. The Claverton Mystery (1933)
     aka The Claverton Affair
15. Dr. Priestley Lays a Trap (1933)
     aka The Motor Rally Mystery
16. The Venner Crime (1933)
17. Poison for One (1934)
18. The Robthorne Mystery (1934)
19. The Corpse in the Car (1935)
20. Hendon's First Case (1935)
21. Mystery At Olympia (1935)
22. Shot At Dawn (1935)
23. Death At Breakfast (1936)
24. In Face of the Verdict (1936)
25. The Harvest Murder (1937)
     aka Death in the Hop Fields
26. Death Sits On the Board (1937)
27. Proceed with Caution (1937)
     aka Body Unidentified
28. Invisible Weapons (1938)
29. The Bloody Tower (1938)
     aka The Tower of Evil
30. Death Pays a Dividend (1939)
31. Death on Sunday (1939)
     aka The Elm Tree Murder
32. Death on the Boat Train (1940)
33. Murder At Lilac Cottage (1940)
34. Death at the Helm (1941)
35. They Watched by Night (1941)
     aka Signal for Death
36. The Fourth Bomb (1942)
37. Dead On the Track (1943)
38. Death Invades the Meeting (1944)
39. Men Die At Cyprus Lodge (1944)
40. Vegetable Duck (1944)
41. Bricklayer's Arms (1945)
     aka Shadow of a Crime
42. Death in Harley Street (1945)
43. The Lake House (1946)
44. Death of an Author (1947)
45. Nothing But the Truth (1947)
46. The Paper Bag (1948)
47. The Telephone Call (1948)
48. Blackthorn House (1949)
49. Up the Garden Path (1949)
     aka The Fatal Garden
50. Two Graphs (1950)
     aka Double Identities
51. Family Affairs (1950)
52. Dr. Goodwood's Locum (1951)
     aka Affair of the Substitute Doctor
53. The Secret Meeting (1951)
54. Death in Wellington Road (1952)
55. Death At the Dance (1952)
56. By Registered Post (1952)
     aka The Mysterious Suspect
57. Death At the Inn (1953)
     aka The Case of the Forty Thieves
58. Death On the Lawn (1954)
59. The Dovebury Murders (1954)
60. Death of a Godmother (1955)
     aka Delayed Payment
61. The Domestic Agency (1955)
     aka Grave Matters
62. An Artist Dies (1956)
     aka Death of an Artist
63. Open Verdict (1956)
64. Robbery with Violence (1957)
65. Death of a Bridegroom (1958)
66. Murder At Derivale (1958)
67. Death Takes a Partner (1959)
68. Licensed for Murder (1959)
69. Three Cousins Die (1960)
70. Twice Dead (1960)
71. The Fatal Pool (1960)
72. The Vanishing Diary (1961)
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