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Selena Winters

I've always been drawn to the darkness in fiction, finding beauty in the forbidden and thrill in the dangerous. My stories? They're an exploration of darkness, filled with mysterious masked men, fearless heroines, and spice that'll set your Kindles ablaze.

Ever since I can remember, I've been captivated by the darker side of romance in fiction. It’s necessary to add I don’t condone these kind of relationships in real life. However, the intoxicating chase, the deadly dance, the heart-racing fear, and an irresistible attraction in fiction I adore. My fascination led me to write these short stories, blending heart-stopping fear with blazing heat and passion.

I exclusively publish on Amazon, providing a thrilling escape for those who dare to venture into the dark side of love and lust. If you've read my book and found yourself wanting more, follow me on Amazon or social media for updates on my next dark novella release. Your adventure is only a page flip away.

Genres: Romance
New and upcoming books
   Welcome to Carnage (2023)
   Stranded (2023)
   Salvation (2024)
   Carjacked (2024)
   Carnival Nightmare (2024)

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