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Peter Zander-Howell (a pen name) lives with his wife in East Anglia, U.K. They have three children and three grandchildren.

Deciding to get out of the rat-race, Peter took very early retirement from his management role in a very large company. Then, far too young to retire completely and wanting to keep his mind occupied, he started a small and successful business. Twenty years later he sold that business, and has now embarked on a third career as an author.

During his first two careers, Peter served as a magistrate for thirty-four years.

His stories to date are all set in 1940s England, and are written in homage to the “Golden Age of Detective Fiction”. All feature Detective Chief Inspector Bryce. Each book stands alone, but in chronological order they are:

The Bedroom Window Murder

The Courthouse Murder

The Felixstowe Murder

Multiples of Murder contains three novellas in one download (or in one paperback):

Death in an Office Kitchen

Death in the Public Baths

Death on a London Bus (a 'prequel', set three years before the other stories).

Death at Mistram Manor.

Machinations of a Murderer

Machinations of a Murderer is also available in a Large-Print paperback edition.

Suspicions of a Parlourmaid }

The Norfolk Railway Murders} two stories in one volume.

Genres: Historical Mystery

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