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George Bellairs

(Harold Blundell)
UK flag (1902 - 1982)

aka Hilary Landon

George Bellairs is the nom de plume of Harold Blundell, a crime writer and bank manager born in Heywood, near Rochdale, Lancashire, who settled in the Isle of Man on retirement. He wrote more than 50 books, most featuring the series' detective Inspector Littlejohn. He also wrote four novels under the alternative pseudonym Hilary Landon.

Genres: Mystery
Thomas Littlejohn
The Four Unfaithful Servants (1942)
Death of a Busybody (1942)
Murder Will Speak (1942)
     aka The Dead Shall Be Raised
The Murder of a Quack (1943)
The Case Of The Seven Whistlers (1944)
Calamity At Harwood (1945)
Death in the Night Watches (1945)
The Case of the Scared Rabbits (1946)
The Crime At Halfpenny Bridge (1946)
Death On the Last Train (1948)
Outrage On Gallows Hill (1948)
The Case of the Demented Spiv (1949)
The Case of the Famished Parson (1949)
The Case of the Headless Jesuit (1950)
     aka Death Brings in the New Year
Crime in Lepers' Hollow (1950)
Dead March for Penelope Blow (1951)
     aka Dead March for Penelope
Death in Dark Glasses (1952)
Half-mast for the Deemster (1953)
A Knife for Harry Dodd (1953)
Corpses in Enderby (1954)
The Cursing Stones Murder (1954)
Death In Room Five (1955)
Death Drops the Pilot (1956)
Death Treads Softly (1956)
Intruder In The Dark (1956)
Death in High Provence (1957)
Death Sends for the Doctor (1957)
Corpse At The Carnival (1958)
Murder Makes Mistakes (1958)
Bones in the Wilderness (1959)
Toll the Bell for Murder (1959)
Death in the Fearful Night (1960)
The Body in the Dumb River (1961)
     aka Murder Masquerade
Death Of A Tin God (1961)
Death Before Breakfast (1962)
The Tormentors (1962)
Death in the Wasteland (1963)
Death of a Shadow (1964)
Surfeit of Suspects (1964)
Death Spins the Wheel (1965)
Strangers Among the Dead (1966)
Death in Desolation (1967)
Single Ticket to Death (1967)
Fatal Alibi (1968)
Murder Gone Mad (1968)
The Night They Killed Joss Varran (1970)
Tycoon's Death-bed (1970)
Pomeroy, Deceased (1972)
Murder Adrift (1972)
Devious Murder (1973)
Fear Round About (1975)
Close All Roads to Sospel (1977)
     aka All Roads to Sospel
The Downhill Ride of Leeman Popple (1978)
An Old Man Dies (1980)
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