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Achmed Abdullah

(Alexander Nicholayevitch Romanoff)
Russia (1881 - 1945)

Achmed Abdullah is the pseudonym of Alexander Nicholayevitch Romanoff (1881-1945), a Russian-English author born of a Russian Orthodox father and a Muslim mother, raised in Britain and educated at Eton and Oxford, served in the British Army in France, China and India, wrote mystery, crime and adventure novels some based on his own experiences. Additionally, he wrote screenplays perhaps the most famous of which is for the 1935 film, Lives of a Bengal Lancer.

   The Swinging Caravan (1911)
   The Red Stain (1915)
   The Blue-Eyed Manchu (1916)
   Bucking the Tiger (1917)
   The Trail of the Beast (1918)
   The Man on Horseback (1919)
   The Mating of the Blades (1920)
   The Ten-foot Chain (1920) (with others)
   The Benefactor's Club (1921)
   Night Drums (1921)
   A Buccaneer in Spats (1924)
   The Remittance Woman (1924)
   Shackled (1924)
   The Thief of Bagdad (1924)
   A Wild Goose of Limerick (1926)
   The Year of the Wood Dragon (1926)
   Ruth's Rebellion (1927)
   Steel and Jade (1927)
   Broadway Interlude (1929) (with Faith Baldwin)
   Dreamers of Empire (1929) (with T Compton Pakenham)
   They Were So Young (1929)
     aka To an Eastern Throne
   Broadway Sensation (1930) (with Faith Baldwin)
   The Bungalow On the Roof (1931)
   The Lady in the Veil (1931)
     aka The Veiled Woman
   Girl On the Make (1932) (with Faith Baldwin)
   A Romantic Young Man (1932)
   Fighting Through (1933)
   The Flower of the Gods (1936) (with Fulton Oursler)
   Deliver Us from Evil (1939)
   Never Without You (1939)
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   The Honourable Gentleman (1919)
   Wings (1920)
   Alien Souls (1922)
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