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Faith Baldwin

USA flag (1893 - 1978)

Faith Baldwin attended private academies and finishing schools, and in 1914-16 she lived in Dresden, Germany. She married Hugh H. Cuthrell in 1920, and the next year she published her first novel, Mavis of Green Hill. Although she often claimed she did not care for authorship, her steady stream of books belies that claim; over the next 56 years she published more than 85 books, more than 60 of them novels with such titles as Those Difficult Years (1925), The Office Wife (1930), Babs and Mary Lou (1931), District Nurse (1932), Manhattan Nights (1937), and He Married a Doctor (1944). Her last completed novel, Adam's Eden, appeared in 1977.

Typically, a Faith Baldwin book presents a highly simplified version of life among the wealthy. No matter what the difficulties, honour and goodness triumph, and hero and heroine are united. Evil, depravity, poverty, and sex found no place in her work, which she explicitly intended for the housewife and the working girl. The popularity of her writing was enormous. In 1936, in the midst of the Great Depression, she published five novels in magazine serial form and three earlier serials in volume form and saw four of her works made into motion pictures, for an income that year in excess of $315,000. She also wrote innumerable stories, articles, and newspaper columns, no less ephemeral than the novels.
Mavis of Green Hill (1921)
Three Women (1926)
Alimony (1928)
Broadway Interlude (1929) (with Achmed Abdullah)
Broadway Sensation (1930) (with Achmed Abdullah)
Judy (1930)
Make-Believe (1930)
The Office Wife (1930)
Skyscraper (1931)
District Nurse (1932)
Girl On the Make (1932) (with Achmed Abdullah)
Beauty (1933)
White Collar Girl (1933)
American Family (1934)
Innocent Bystander (1934)
That Man Is Mine (1935)
Men Are Such Fools! (1936)
The Moon's Our Home (1936)
The Heart Has Wings (1937)
Twenty-Four Hours a Day (1937)
Enchanted Oasis (1938)
Hotel Hostess (1938)
Rich Girl, Poor Girl (1938)
The High Road (1939)
Station Wagon Set (1939)
White Magic (1939)
Arizona Star (1940)
Letty and the Law (1940)
     aka Love Is a Surprise
Rehearsal for Love (1940)
Something Special (1940)
And New Stars Burn (1941)
Blue Horizons (1941)
The Heart Remembers (1941)
Breath of Life (1942)
The Rest of My Life With You (1942)
You Can't Escape (1943)
Change of Heart (1944)
He Married a Doctor (1944)
A Job for Jenny (1945)
Sleeping Beauty (1945)
No Private Heaven (1946)
Give Love the Air (1947)
Marry for Money (1948)
The Golden Shoestring (1949)
     aka For Richer, for Poorer
Look out for Liza (1950)
Tell Me My Heart (1950)
The Juniper Tree (1952)
Woman on Her Way (1954)
Face Toward the Spring (1956)
Face Towards the Spring (1956)
The Whole Armour (1956)
Three Faces of Love (1957)
Blaze of sunlight (1959)
The West Wind (1962)
Evening Star (1964)
The Lonely Doctor (1964)
The Lonely Man (1964)
There Is a Season (1966)
The Velvet Hammer (1969)
Take What You Want (1970)
Any Village (1971)
One More Time (1972)
No Bed of Roses (1973)
Time and the Hour (1974)
New Girl in Town (1975)
Thursday's Child (1976)
Hold on to Your Heart (1976)
Adam's Eden (1977)

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