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Mario Acevedo

USA flag (b.1955)

A former infantry and aviation officer, Mario Acevedo lives and writes in Denver, Colorado. The author of bestselling The Nymphos of Rocky Flats, he has worked as a military helicopter pilot, engineer, and art teacher.
Good Money Gone (2013) (with Richard Kilborn)
Forgotten Letters (2016) (with Kirk Raeber)
University of Doom (2016)
Edward Bryant's Sphere Of Influence (2017) (with Kevin J Anderson, Bruce Boston, Eneasz Brodski, Edward Bryant, Denise E Dora, Wayne Faust, Jamie Ferguson, Richard E Friesen, Janis Ian, Kent Johnson, Gary Jonas, Lucy Tayor and Steve Rasnic Tem)
Graphic Novels
Mario Acevedo recommends
Staked (2008)
(Void City, book 1)
J F Lewis
"A pedal-to-the-metal demolition derby of sex and violence. Werewolves and vampires were never so much fun."
Road Trip of the Living Dead (2009)
(Amanda Feral, book 2)
Mark Henry
"The supreme supernatural skankfest. Devilish. Demented. Deliciously hilarious."
Hunted By the Others (2010)
(H & W Investigations, book 1)
Jess Haines
"A sexy, bruising tango of supernatural fun and vampiric mayhem."
Fated (2010)
S G Browne
"A quirky and thoughtful reflection on what it means to be human."
Curses! (2012)
(F***ed Up Fairy Tale, book 1)
J A Kazimer
"More than f*cked up. Demented. Hilarious. Kazimer is going to warp a lot of minds and they're going to thank her."
Blood Print (2013)
Bonnie Ramthun
"A gory, geeky homage to pulp horror and science fiction. This story will bite and not let go."
Witchy Eye (2017)
(Witchy, book 1)
D J Butler
"A gritty, engrossing mash-up of history, fantasy, and magic. Desperate characters careen from plot twist to plot twist until few are left standing."
Graveyard Shift (2017)
Michael F Haspil
"Gritty urban fantasy and hard-boiled noir packed into a hand grenade of awesome!"

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