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Christopher Artinian was born and raised in Leeds, West Yorkshire. Wanting to escape life in a big city and concentrate more on working to live than living to work, he moved to the Outer Hebrides in the north-west of Scotland in 2004 and has lived there ever since with his wife and dogs.

He released his debut novel, Safe Haven: Rise of the Rams in February 2017. This was the first instalment of a post-apocalyptic zombie series. Book two, Safe Haven: Realm of the Raiders continues the fast-moving and often terrifying story, and book three, Reap of the Righteous concludes the first chapter in this gripping saga. Safe Haven Book four - Ice came out in December 2018 marking a brand-new chapter in the series. The latest instalment, "Vengeance", was released on 28th June 2019. (The first four books are now available on audio too, with book five in production). Two stand-alone novellas are available; Before Safe Haven: Lucy follows the story of one of the most loved characters from the books. While, Before Safe Haven: Alex takes a look at one of the unsung heroes. Before Safe Haven: Mike, a novel features Safe Haven's main character Mike Fletcher and looks at the events that made him the man he is is today. In December 2019 Artinian released Before Safe Haven: Jules, who along with her brothers and another rag-tag group of survivors have become mainstays of the saga.

The first six books in Artinian's new best-selling and award-winning series, The End of Everything, are now available. The End of Everything follows the story of two sisters from Edinburgh, fighting for survival in a zombie-infested post-apocalyptic wasteland. Books one, two, three and four are also available on audio, with book five on the way.

In October 2017, he won the prestigious Zombie Book of the Month Award for Rise of the RAMs. In December 2017 he was also bestowed with the "Best New Author" award by the Reanimated Writers group. In addition, Safe Haven won the "Best Series" award in the popular GMZ poll. The End of Everything: Book 1 also won the Zombie Book of the Month title in May 2019.


Genres: Horror, Science Fiction
New and upcoming books
December 2023

War Zone
(Safe Haven , book 12)
Safe Haven
   1. Rise of the RAMs (2017)
   2. Realm of the Raiders (2017)
   3. Reap of the Righteous (2018)
   4. Ice (2018)
   5. Vengeance (2019)
   6. Is this the End of Everything? (2020)
   7. Neverland: Part 1 (2021)
   Doomsday (2021)
   8. Neverland: Part 2 (2021)
   9. Raining Blood: Part 1 (2022)
   10. Hope Street (2022)
   11. No Hope in Hell (2023)
   12. War Zone (2023)
Before Safe Haven
   1. Alex (2018)
   2. Mike (2019)
   3. Lucy (2018)
   4. Jules (2019)
   1. Relentless (2020)
   2. Relentless: Book 2 (2020)
   3. Relentless: Book 3 (2020)
Burning Tree
   1. Salvation (2021)
   2. Rebirth (2021)
   3. Infinity (2022)
   4. Anarchy (2022)
   5. Redemption (2023)
   6. Power Part One (2023)
   Tales from the Zombie Road (2017) (with others)
Christopher Artinian recommends
Point of Impact (2018)
(Nuclear Dawn, book 1)
Kyla Stone
"A tense and beautifully crafted apocalyptic thriller that had me hooked from the first chapter. The combination of great writing and an incredibly well researched scenario make Point of Impact frighteningly believable."

Anthologies containing stories by Christopher Artinian
Undead Worlds (2017)
A Reanimated Writers Anthology
edited by
Reanimated Writers

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