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Valerios enjoys letters and numbers. One day, combining them crossed his mind, and now he spends most of his time placing one after the other until something pleasant appears.

Besides transforming words into worlds, Valerios also enjoys moving figurines over chess boards, spending quality time with quality people, and stubbornly trying to convince machines that cats are not, in fact, dogs.

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Genres: GameLit
New and upcoming books
January 2024

Road to Mastery 3
(Road to Mastery, book 3)
Twelfth Cataclysm
   1. What the Shell!? (2022)
   2. Pincer Tactics (2023)
   3. Crab On! (2023)
Cultivator vs. System
   1. The First Step (2022)
   2. The Next Step (2022)
   3. The Final Step (2022)
Road to Mastery
   1. Road to Mastery (2023)
   2. Road to Mastery 2 (2023)
   3. Road to Mastery 3 (2024)
   4. Road to Mastery 4 (2024)
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