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Damon Alan was born in Columbus, IN in 1966. He grew up in different southern Indiana locations, moving many times in his youth. Wherever he went, he was always the geek in the crowd, developing an early love for science fiction and fantasy. An avid fan of early sci-fi on TV, he hungrily consumed what was available and was upset if he couldn’t be Spock on the playground. That’s not doing a good job of staying in character, is it?
After becoming an adult, at least in name, he tried several different paths at college before finally realizing he didn't fit well with that sort of structure. He left school and joined the Air Force to be assigned to Space Command, which sounded much cooler than it probably was. (Although it was cool.) After leaving the Air Force in 1990, he applied to the FAA to be an Air Traffic Controller. In 1992 that became reality, and Damon became an ATC at the Indianapolis Air Route Traffic Control Center.
Retired from ATC now, Damon is pursuing creative writing as a second career, with a growing number of Amazon exclusive novels under his belt. His short stories have been traditionally published in a few places, including the 2018 Gen Con anthology as well as American Mensa’s annual fiction issue in 2016.
Dark Seas
   1. The Anvil of Dust and Stars (2015)
   2. On the Shores of a Dark Sea (2015)
   3. Renegades (2016)
   4. Stennis (2016)
   Valor at Hamor (2017)
   5. The Depths of War (2017)
   6. Komi Syndicate (2017)
   7. Reality's Veil (2019)
   1. Slayer (2016)
War at Worlds
   1. The Dragons of Dunkirk (2018)
   2. The Secrets of Axum (2018)
   3. The Men of War (2019)
   4. The Depths of Aerth (2020)
   Serum (2016)
Novellas and Short Stories

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