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L.L. Akers is an international best-selling author writing in multiple genres. Akers' speculative fiction/post apocalyptic work has earned two Top 5 nominations for an Independent Audie Award in 2019-Apocalyptica, and 2020-General Fiction, and moved on as a Top 5 Finalist for Audible of the Year, in 2020.Akers is most known for the bestselling speculative fiction/post apocalyptic series, The SHTF Series, and has been featured in the nationally distributed magazine, 
Prepper Survival Guide. Akers is the founder of a popular online reader/prepper group, DD12 Dirty Dozen Post Apoc Army of Readers, where twelve authors foster an online family of real readers/listeners who get to meet, know, and hang out with real writers of the apocalypse.
Preparedness is not just fiction for Akers. It's a lifestyle that brings peace of mind to be ready for whatever catastrophes life throws in the way.
Originally from Nebraska, Akers now lives bankside in sunny Georgia, U.S.A., near the Georgia Guidestones, which foretell apocalyptic times--seemingly apropos to the genre.


Genres: Science Fiction
Black Autumn Saga (with Josh Brooks, Boyd Craven, Arthur Dorst, Adam Fullman, George Grimm, Jeff Kirkham, Paul Knoch, Jason Ross, Chris Serfustini and R Chris Yates)
   5. Fragments of America (2020)
Signs of Life (with Danny Brown)
   1. Signs of Life (2021)
O'Donnell Classic Western (with Jeff O'Donnell)
   Broken Bow (2021)
   Let Me Go (2013)
   Archie's Heart (2018) (with Boyd Craven, P A Glaspy and L Douglas Hogan)
L L Akers recommends
Black Autumn (2018)
Jeff Kirkham and Jason Ross
"Black Autumn is a compelling post-apocalyptic saga of Special Forces veterans who come together to protect and guide a group of peppers after a crippling series of events to the United States. It's a timely, and profound, warning to preppers, and people everywhere, who underestimate what it would take to survive the chaos and mayhem of a grid-down situation on a national scale. As a prepper myself, it's an eye-opening wake-up call."

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