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Davis Ashura is a writer of such sublime depth and beauty that his works have been known to draw a tear from even the hardest of hearts.

Just kidding. But he does write.

Davis is humble, yet refers to himself in the third person. He resides in North Carolina, sharing a house with his wonderful wife who somehow overlooked Davis' eccentricities and married him anyway. As proper recompense for her sacrifice, Davis then unwittingly turned his wonderful wife into a nerd-girl. To her sad and utter humiliation, she knows exactly what is meant by 'Kronos'. Living with them are their two rambunctious boys, both of whom have at various times helped turn Davis' once lustrous, raven-black hair prematurely white (it sure sounds prettier than the dirty gray it actually is). And of course, there are the obligatory stray, black cats (all authors have cats - it's required by the union). They are lazy, and yet, somehow, they complete the household. As for Davis, when not working - nay laboring - in the creation of works of fiction so grand some might few read them, he practices medicine, but only when the insurance companies allow it.

Visit him at www.davisashura.com and be appalled by the banality of a writer's life.

Genres: Fantasy
Davis Ashura recommends
Lightblade (2022)
(Lightblade, book 1)
Zamil Akhtar
"I loved Lightblade! Be it the compelling characters, the vivid prose, or the deep, mystical world that lets the story breathe... this is a beautifully written, thrilling fantasy adventure!"
Dawn of Wonder (2015)
(Wakening, book 1)
Jonathan Renshaw
"Mr. Renshaw's writing is simply astounding. His elegant, poetic prose turned a very good story with themes that touched my heart into one that is wondrous. One of the finest fantasy novels I've read in the past few years, period."

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Journeys (2017)
edited by
Teresa Edgerton

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