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Terry Brooks

(Terry Dean Brooks)
USA flag (1944 - )

A writer since high school, Terry Brooks published his first novel, The Sword of Shannara in 1977. It became the first work of fiction ever to appear on the New York Times Trade Paperback Bestseller list, where it remained for five months. He has published thirteen consecutive bestelling novels since. A practising attorney for many years, he now writes full-time, and lives with his wife, Judine, in the Pacific Northwest and Hawaii.



Voyage of the Jerle Shannara
1. Ilse Witch (2000)
2. Antrax (2001)
3. Morgawr (2002)
Voyage of the Jerle Shannara (omnibus) (2003)
Jerle Shannara Trilogy (omnibus) (2004)
High Druid of Shannara
1. Jarka Ruus (2003)
2. Tanequil (2004)
3. Straken (2005)
The High Druid of Shannara Trilogy (omnibus) (2011)
Shannara Graphic Novels
Dark Wraith of Shannara (2008)
Fall of Shannara
1. The Black Elfstone (2017)
Terry Brooks recommends
The Best of Lester Del Rey
The Best of Lester Del Rey (1978)
Lester del Rey
"Lester Del Ray was celebrated so widely as an editor that we tend to forget how good he was at storytelling. This collection will help us all remember."

The Fellowship of the Talisman (1978)
Clifford D Simak
"Intriguing mixture of fantasy, theology and legend, it's pages are colored by those delightful characters that are the author's trademark, clifford Simak's latest tale works it's own enchantment on the reader."

Warrior (1990)
(Gan Moondark, book 1)
Donald E McQuinn
"Terrific...Warrior deserves to be read."
The Sword of Bedwyr
The Sword of Bedwyr (1995)
(Crimson Shadow, book 1)
R A Salvatore
"A fine adventure filled with memorable characters and compelling action."

The Sum of All Men (1998)
(Runelords, book 1)
David Farland
"A first rate tale, an epic fantasy that more than delivers on its promise."

Darker Than Night (1999)
Owl Goingback
"Darker than Night scared the pants off me. I stayed up late and finished it. If any writer knows how to keep you up, it's Owl Goingback. He remains one of our most accomplished writers of horror fiction."

Captain Nemo (2002)
Kevin J Anderson
"A swashbuckling mix of Verne, Defoe and Crichton."

Atlantis Gate (2002)
(Atlantis, book 4)
Greg Donegan
" SPELLBINDING! Will keep you on the edge of your seat. Call it techno-thriller, call it science fiction, call it just terrific storytelling."

Wit'ch Star (2002)
(Banned and the Banished, book 5)
James Clemens
"With every new book in the Wit'ch War saga, Jim Clemens' storytelling expertise becomes more compelling."
The Briar King
The Briar King (2002)
(Kingdoms of Thorn and Bone, book 1)
Greg Keyes
"A wonderful tale... It crackles with suspense and excitement from start to finish."
The Crimson Sword
The Crimson Sword (2005)
(Legend of Asahiel, book 1)
Eldon Thompson
"Eldon Thompson wields more than just a little magic in his debut novel."
The Throne of Jade
The Throne of Jade (2006)
(Temeraire, book 2)
Naomi Novik
"Temeraire is a dragon for the ages."
The Red Wolf Conspiracy
The Red Wolf Conspiracy (2008)
(Chathrand Voyage, book 1)
Robert V S Redick
"I can't remember when I've been so enthralled. Maybe when I first read Philip Pullman. Wow! This was one terrific read!"
Tigerheart (2008)
Peter David
"By far the most charming and clever reimagining of the story of Peter Pan I have ever encountered."

The Painted Man (2008)
(Demon Cycle, book 1)
Peter V Brett
"I enjoyed The Painted Man immensely. Action and suspense all the way."

Spellwright (2010)
(Spell, book 1)
Blake Charlton
"Think that words can't hurt you? Sometimes they can kill. The spells of textual magic of this enthralling tale will demonstrate just how."

Vestal Virgin (2011)
Suzanne Tyrpak
"...a writer of real talent..."

The Unremembered (2011)
(Vault of Heaven, book 1)
Peter Orullian
"A complex tale of magic and destiny that won't disappoint its readers."

The Summer Dragon (2016)
(Evertide, book 1)
Todd Lockwood
"A compelling, fully realized story as detailed and exciting as everything since the Pern tales. A sure winner."

The Waking Land (2017)
(Waking Land, book 1)
Callie Bates
"Callie Bates has written an exciting and involving first book, and she is clearly a writer of real talent."
Seventh Decimate (2017)
(Great God's War, book 1)
Stephen Donaldson
"A new Stephen Donaldson book is always a cause for celebration. Seventh Decimate will whet your appetite for a sequel."

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