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Edwin: High King of Britain

(The first book in the Northumbrian Thrones series)
A novel by

“Edwin, High King of Britain, brings to life the heroic age of our distant past, a splendid novel that leaves the reader wanting more.” Bernard Cornwell

Embark on an epic journey through time with the breathtaking debut historical fiction series that vividly brings to life the awe-inspiring rise of the Christian kings of Northumbria, England. Prepare to be swept away by a tale of power, prophecy, and faith, as the rich tapestry of history unfolds before your eyes.

In the year 604 AD, a deposed king, Edwin of Northumbria, seeks sanctuary at the court of King Raedwald of East Anglia. However, a treacherous plot orchestrated by Aethelfrith, Edwin's usurper, threatens to extinguish his flickering hope. It is during this dire moment, as Edwin wanders along the shore, that a mysterious figure emerges—an enigmatic missionary named Paulinus. This fateful encounter forever alters the course of Edwin's destiny, as Paulinus prophesies that he will ascend to become the High King of Britain. A turning point is reached, and the stage is set for a remarkable tale of triumph and tragedy.

Through the crucible of battles and shrewd political alliances, Edwin defies the odds and ascends to great power, forging a marriage with the princess Aethelburh of Kent. Their union, however, comes with a unique agreement—the princess is permitted to retain her Christian faith. In an era fraught with danger and uncertainty, being a king is a precarious path, with no guarantees of longevity.

This turbulent period in British history bears witness to the conversion of the Anglo-Saxon settlers, who have forcibly established themselves on British shores. Initially driven by conquest and plunder, they eventually settle down to cultivate the land and engage in trade. Yet, they must grapple with the traditions and beliefs of the Celtic tribes they have displaced, as the winds of change sweep across the land.

Immerse yourself in the dramatic saga of Northumbria's Christian kings, the catalysts that shaped the birth of England as a nation, the birth of the English language, and the profound adoption of Christianity as the faith of the English. This awe-inspiring tale intertwines history, passion, and the indomitable spirit of a people on the brink of transformation.

Genre: Historical

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"Edwin, High King of Britain, brings to life the heroic age of our distant past, a splendid novel that leaves the reader wanting more." - Bernard Cornwell

"At the dawn of England seven kingdoms struggle for supremacy: but there is more than honour and power at stake; paganism, Christianity and the future shape of the English nation will be decided. A fast-paced and gripping tale of the great Northumbrian King Edwin, reclaiming one of our great national figures from the shadows of history." - Justin Hill

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