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Bernard Cornwell

UK flag (b.1944)

Bernard Cornwell was born in London, raised in Essex, and now lives mainly in the USA with his wife. In addition to the hugely successful Sharpe novels, Bernard Cornwell is the author of the Starbuck Chronicles, the Warlord trilogy, the Grail Quest series and the Alfred series.

Genres: Historical, Thriller, Historical Mystery
Non fiction
British Fantasy Society Best Novel nominee (1997) : Excalibur: A Novel of Arthur
Sainsbury's Popular Fiction Award Best Book nominee (2009) : Azincourt

Books about Bernard Cornwell
The Sharpe Companion (1998) by Mark Adkin
Bernard Cornwell recommends
Pendragon's Banner (1995)
(Pendragon's Banner, book 2)
Helen Hollick
"Helen Hollick has it all! She tells a great story, gets her history right and writes consistently readable books."
The Hundred Days (1998)
(Aubrey / Maturin, book 19)
Patrick O'Brian
"O'Brian is far and away the best of the Napoleonic storytellers and The Hundred Days is one of the best of the series: a classic naval adventure, crammed with incident, superbly plotted and utterly gripping...This is O'Brian at his brilliant, entertaining best and when he is on this form the rest of us who write of the Napoleonic conflict might as well give up and try a new career. Fans of the series will need no encouragement to buy this book, but if you are new to Aubrey and Maturin then this is as splendid an introduction as you could wish for."
Glory in the Name (2003)
(Samuel Bowater, book 1)
James L Nelson
"It is, by far, the best Civil War novel I have read; reeking of battle, duty, heroism and tragedy. It's a triumph of imagination and good, taut writing..."
A Hostile Place (2003)
John Fullerton
"Thriller writers wake up, a talent has arrived."
The Eagle and the Wolves (2003)
(Eagles of the Empire, book 4)
Simon Scarrow
"It is my fervent hope that Simon Scarrow falls under a bus, or drowns or eats a bad mushroom because I really don't need this kind of competition. It's a great read, full of excitement."
Havoc's Sword (2003)
(Alan Lewrie, book 11)
Dewey Lambdin
"Stunning naval adventure, reeking of powder and mayhem. I wish I had written this series."
The Four Days in June (2006)
Iain Gale
"A powerful novel of men at war. A triumph."
The Whale Road (2007)
(Oathsworn, book 1)
Robert Low
"A company of warriors, desperate battles, an enthralling read."
The Winter Sea (2008)
(Slains, book 1)
Susanna Kearsley
"A deeply engaging romance and a compelling historical novel. A marvellous book."
Midwife of the Blue Ridge (2008)
Christine Blevins
"A terrific book! A riveting tale of love, struggle, and savagery on America's colonial frontier."
Zulu Hart (2008)
(Zulu Hart, book 1)
Saul David
"A first-rate historian, now a masterly story-teller."
Terminal World (2009)
Alastair Reynolds
"A galaxy-sized imagination allied to real story-telling."
Red Runs the Helmand (2011)
(Anthony Morgan Trilogy, book 3)
Patrick Mercer
"A storyteller who knows the humour, the fear and the frenzy of men in battle."
The Constantine Covenant (2011)
Aiden Crisp (R Cameron Cooke)
"A brilliant thriller."
The Scarlet Thief (2013)
(Jack Lark, book 1)
Paul Fraser Collard
"This is a brilliant debut and I look forward to reading more of Jack Lark!"
Edwin: High King of Britain (2014)
(Northumbrian Thrones, book 1)
Edoardo Albert
"A splendid novel."
The Shards of Heaven (2015)
(Shards of Heaven, book 1)
Michael Livingston
"Real history[spiced] with a dose of fantasy!."

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