book cover of The Great SF Stories 10

The Great SF Stories 10

(The tenth book in the Isaac Asimov Presents the Great SF Stories series)
An anthology of stories edited by

Don't Look Now by Henry Kuttner; Redhead by John D. MacDonald; Knock by Fredric Brown; He Walked Around the Horses by H. Beam Piper; The Strange Case of John Kingman by Murray Leinster; That Only a Mother by Judith Merril; The Monster; Dormant by A. E. Van Vogt; Dreams are Sacred by Peter Phillips; Mars is Heaven by Ray Bradbury; Thang by Martin Gardner; Brooklyn Project by William Tenn; Period Piece by J. J. Coupling; In Hiding by Wilmar H. Shiras; and Late Night Final by Eric Frank Russell.

Genre: Science Fiction

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