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Kerry Adrienne

Genres: Paranormal Romance
Kerry Adrienne's books for adults only

Scorched (2017) (with Emma Alisyn, T G Ayer, Erin Bedford, Eileen Cruz Coleman, K N Lee, Sheri-Lynn Marean, Emma Nichols, Marie Nicole (Marie Ferrarella), Marilyn Peake, May Sage, Vivienne Savage and Catherine Vale)
The Keepers / Waking the Bear (2018) (with Heather Graham)
Come Undone (2015) (with Linnea Alexis, Louisa Bacio, Alyssa Breck, K C Burn, Kim Carmichael, C Margery Kempe, Sabrina Sol and Solera Winters)
Myths & Magic (2017) (with Melle Amade, CC Drago, L B Gilbert, Tristan Hunt, Jade Kerrion, Lisa Lace, Bec McMaster, Anne Renwick, Erin Richards, Cheri Schmidt, Lily Thorn, Michael Trozzo, R E Vance and Ilana Waters)