L A Boruff

Genres: Paranormal Romance
   Ruined Between the Sheets (2019) (with Dia Cole, Joelle Greene, Lilly Griffin, K A Knight, Nikki Landis, Rhiannon Lee, Katie May, Ryan Michele, Erin O'Kane, TL Reeve, Loxley Savage, Chris 'C A ' Storm, R M Walker and Grace White)
   Falling For Them Volume 2 (2017) (with Nikki Bolvair, Lyn Forester, LA Kirk, HL Nighbor, Amanda Perry and K Swanson)
   Halloween Between the Sheets (2018) (with Joely Sue Burkhart, Laura Greenwood, Stacy Jones, Skye MacKinnon, T L Reeve, Arizona Tape, R M Walker, Riley Walker and K B Wheelock)
   Holidays Between the Sheets (2018) (with Tabitha Barret, Joely Sue Burkhart, Jaliza A Burwell, Debbie Cassidy, Laura Greenwood, Skye MacKinnon, E M Moore, Bea Paige, Athena Phoenix, Helen Scott Taylor, Rae Tina, Riley Walker and RM Walker)
   Platypus Between The Sheets (2019) (with Lacey Carter Andersen, Patrick E Andrews, Nova Blake, Jaliza A Burwell, Laura Greenwood, Skye MacKinnon and Edeline Wrigh)
   Valentine Between the Sheets (2019) (with Tabitha Barret, Keria Blackwood, Laura Greenwood, Skye MacKinnon, T B Mann, T L Reeve, Michele Ryan, Liza Street and R M Walker)
   Lucky Between The Sheets (2019) (with Lacey Carter Andersen, Jaliza A Burwell, Joelle Greene, Laura Greenwood, H K Khan, Romy Lockhart, T B Mann, Rae Tina and R M Walker)
   Reverse Harem Advent Calendar (2019) (with Richard Amos, Nora Ash, Debbie Cassidy, Eva Chase, Dia Cole, Eva Delaney, Skye MacKinnon, Rebecca Royce and Candice Wright)
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