Pauline Ashwell

(Pauline Whitby)

aka Paul Ash

Pauline Ashwell is the best known pseudonym of British science fiction author Pauline Whitby (born 1928).She has also written under the names Paul Ashwell and Paul Ash.Ashwell published her first story, "Invasion from Venus", when she was only 14 years old.[1]:370 It appeared in the July 1942 issue of an obscure British science fiction magazine, Yankee Science Fiction, under the name Paul Ashwell.
Short stories
Big Sword (1958) (as by Paul Ash)
Unwillingly to School (1958)Hugo (nominee)
The Wings of a Bat (1966) (as by Paul Ash)
Man Opening a Door (1991) (as by Paul Ash)

Hugo Best Novellette nominee (1959) : Unwillingly to School
Hugo Best Short Story nominee (1961) : The Lost Kafoozalum