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A pseudonym used by Bridget E Baker

B. E. Baker Bridget loves her husband (every day) and all five of her kids (most days).She’s a lawyer, but does as little legal work as possible. She has three quarter horse geldings, a Holsteiner (jumping) horse, and she spends too much time riding and not enough time writing. (Or too much time writing and not enough time riding, depending on your perspective!)She has more chickens than she’ll admit to having, two lions head rabbits, a cat, two dogs (one bouncy and one yappy). She makes cookies waaaaay too often and believes they should be their own food group. In a (possibly misguided) attempt at balancing the scales, she kickboxes daily.
So if you don’t like her books, her kids, her horses, her chickens, or her cookies, maybe don’t tell her in person. 
B.E. Baker is the romance/women's fiction penname for Bridget E. Baker, who also writes fantasy, end of the world, and dystopian books that add a little magic to the world.


Genres: Romance
New and upcoming books
April 2024

The Lookback
(Birch Creek Ranch, book 8)
July 2024

(Scarsdale Fosters, book 4)
Finding Home
   1. Finding Grace (2023)
   2. Finding Faith (2018)
   3. Finding Cupid (2019)
   4. Finding Spring (2019)
   5. Finding Liberty (2019)
   6. Finding Holly (2019)
   7. Finding Home (2020)
   8. Finding Balance (2020)
   9. Finding Peace (2020)
Birch Creek Ranch
   1. The Bequest (2021)
   2. The Vow (2022)
   3. The Ranch (2022)
   4. The Retreat (2022)
   5. The Reboot (2023)
   6. The Surprise (2023)
   7. The Setback (2023)
   8. The Lookback (2024)
Scarsdale Fosters
   1. Seed Money (2023)
   2. Nouveau Riche (2023)
   3. Minted (2023)
   4. Loaded (2024)

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