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Nicola Jane was born and raised in Nottinghamshire, England.

She's always loved to write but only recently began to write seriously and by seriously she means, actually letting people read her work.
After every book release, she hides behind her hands, peeking out through her fingers, to see the reviews. She's only just started telling people who know her in real life, that she has books published!

Anyway, be kind, share positivity and if you like her work, let her know, she's always on social media when she's supposed to be writing.

Genres: Romantic Suspense

   Drifters (2021) (with Jessica Ames, Amy Davies, Elizabeth Knox, E C Land, Daphne Loveling and Cedar Rose)
   Cover Up (2022) (with Nicole Banks, A Gorman, Elizabeth Knox, E C Land, Emma Luna, Dani René and Alice La Roux)