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Christina Brooke

aka Christine Wells

Christina Brooke did not always want to be a writer. After undergoing lifesaving neurosurgery at the age of two, her sole ambition was to become a brain surgeon. Unfortunately, Christina does not like the sight of other people’s blood.Nowadays, when Christina is not driving her high-perch phaeton in the park or dancing until dawn with her personal Mr. Darcy, she is a manager of household affairs, mother of two and soon to be renovating genius. She maintains her sanity by long walks with her dog and the online purchase of many beautiful purses.

Genres: Historical Romance
   Scandal's Daughter (2007) (as by Christine Wells)
   The Dangerous Duke (2008) (as by Christine Wells)
   Wicked Little Game (2009) (as by Christine Wells)
   Sweetest Little Sin (2010) (as by Christine Wells)