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Emma Berquist grew up in Austin, Texas and currently lives in the Bay Area. She likes horror movies and dogs and dislikes brushing her hair and writing bios.

Genres: Young Adult Fantasy
Emma Berquist recommends
Trouble Girls (2021)
Julia Lynn Rubin
"A blistering, unapologetic thrill ride. You can't help but fall in love with these messy, complicated, unforgettable girls."
The River Has Teeth (2021)
Erica Waters
"Waters weaves a spell on the page, seeped with dark and murky magic, both beautiful and terrifying, just as her girls are beautiful and terrifying. Set loose upon the Bend, Natasha and Della are two forces crashing into one another with a strength that makes their world tremble."
The Dead and the Dark (2021)
Courtney Gould
"An absorbing mystery and wholly original ghost story. Gould's writing is mesmerizing, drawing you into Snakebite until it slips under your skin and lingers like the Dark itself. A haunting story I won't shake off anytime soon."

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