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Michael Bond's picture

Michael Bond

UK (1926 - )

Michael Bond was born in Newbury, Berkshire, England on 13th January 1926. He was educated at Presentation College, Reading. During World War II Michael Bond served in both the Royal Air Force and the Middlesex Regiment of the British Army. He began writing in 1945 and sold his first short story to a magazine called London Opinion. This experience helped him decide that he wanted to be a writer. Michael Bond never thought of writing for children but, after producing a number of short stories and radio plays, his agent suggested that he adapt a television play for children.

Genres: Children's Fiction
Paddington Bear
A Bear Called Paddington (1958)
More About Paddington (1959)
Paddington Helps Out (1960)
Paddington Abroad (1961)
Paddington at Large (1962)
Paddington Marches On (1964)
The Adventures of Paddington (1965)
Paddington at Work (1966)
Paddington Goes to Town (1968)
Best of Paddington Bear (1970)
Paddington Takes the Air (1970)
Paddington Takes to TV (1971)
The Hilarious Adventures of Paddington (1972)
Paddington's Blue Peter Story Book (1973)
Paddington on Top (1974)
Paddington On Stage (1974)
The Great Big Paddington Book (1976)
Fun and Games with Paddington (1977)
Paddington's Picture Book (1978)
More Hilarious Adventures of Paddington (1978)
Paddington Takes the Test (1979)
Paddington On Screen (1981)
Paddington's Story Book (1983)
The Great Big Paddington Bear Picture Book (1984)
The Life and Times of Paddington Bear (1988)
The Giant Paddington Story Book (1989)
Paddington Treasury (1989)
Paddington's Favourite Stories (1992)
A Jar of Jokes (1992)
Paddington's Birthday Book (1996)
Learn with Paddington (1999)
Paddington's Suitcase (omnibus) (2007)
Paddington Rules the Waves (2008)
Paddington Here and Now (2008)
My Book of Marmalade (2008)
Paddington Pocket Library (2008)
The Arrival (2009)
Paddington - King of the Castle (2009)
Paddington and the Disappearing Sandwich (2009)
Paddington at the Beach (2009)
Paddington at the Rainbow's End (2009)
The Paddington Treasury for the Very Young (2010)
Paddington (2011)
Paddington Buggy Book (2011)
Paddington's London Treasury (2011)
Paddington Races Ahead (2012)
Paddington Novels 1-3 (omnibus) (2013)
A Bear Called Paddington and & Stories (2014)
The Classic Adventures of Paddington (omnibus) (2014)
Favourite Paddington Stories (2014)
Love from Paddington (2014)
Paddington's Big Suitcase (omnibus) (2015)
Paddington's Finest Hour (2017)

Paddington Bear (picture books)
Paddington Bear (1965)
Paddington's Garden (1972)
Paddington At the Circus (1973)
Paddington Goes Shopping (1973)
Paddington's Lucky Day (1974)
Paddington at the Seaside (1975)
Paddington at the Tower (1975)
Adventures of a Bear Called Paddington (1976)
Paddington Posts a Letter (1976)
Paddington's Loose End Book (1976)
Paddington's Party Book (1976)
Paddington at the Station (1976)
Paddington Goes To The Sales (1976)
Paddington Takes a Bath (1976)
Paddington's New Room (1976)
Paddington Does It Himself (1977)
Paddington Hits Out (1977)
Paddington in the Kitchen (1977)
Paddington's Birthday Party (1977)
Paddington's Pop Up (1977)
Paddington's Counting Book (1977)
Paddington's First Book (1977)
Paddington's Play Book (1977)
Paddington's Word Book (1977)
Paddington's Cartoon Book (1979)
Paddington and Aunt Lucy (1980)
Paddington in Touch (1980)
Paddington Weighs in (1980)
A Picnic On the River (1980)
Paddington at Home (1980)
Paddington Goes Out (1980)
Paddington Learns a Lesson (1981)
Paddington's Birthday Treat (1981)
Paddington's Shopping Adventure (1981)
Paddington at the Launderette (1981)
Paddington and the Snowbear (1981)
Paddington Has Fun (1982)
Paddington Works Hard (1982)
Paddingtons Day of Action (1983)
Paddington at the Zoo (1984)
Paddington at the Fair (1985)
Paddington's Painting Exhibition (1985)
Paddington At the Airport (1986)
Paddington and the Christmas Shopping (1986)
Please Look After This Bear (1986)
Paddington's Art Exhibition (1986)
Paddington Mails a Letter (1986)
Paddington At the Palace (1986)
Paddington Minds the House (1986)
Paddington Cleans Up (1986)
Paddington's Clock Book (1986)
Paddington's Wheel Book (1986)
Paddington's Bus Ride (1986)
Paddington's Colours (1987)
Paddington's Numbers (1987)
Paddington's Puzzle Book (1987)
Paddington and the Marmalade Maze (1987)
Paddington's Busy Day (1987)
Paddington's Magical Christmas (1988)
Paddington on the River (1989)
Paddington's Opposites (1990)
Paddington's 123 (1990)
Paddington's ABC (1990)
Paddington on Holiday (1991)
Paddington's Busy Week (1991)
Paddington Meets the Queen (1991)
Paddington Rides On! (1991)
A Day by the Sea (1992)
Paddington Has a Bath (1992)
Something Nasty in the Kitchen (1992)
Paddington at the Seashore (1992)
Paddington Breaks the Peace (1992)
Paddington's Disappearing Trick (1992)
Paddington Does the Decorating (1993)
Paddington's First Word Book (1993)
Paddington's Things I Do (1994)
Paddington's Things I Feel (1994)
Paddington Goes On a Picnic (1994)
Paddington Makes a Mess (1994)
Paddington's First Bath (1994)
A Bear in Hot Water (1995)
A Spot of Decorating (1995)
Paddington Bear and the Christmas Surprise (1997)
Paddington at the Carnival (1998)
Paddington the Artist (1998)
Paddington Bear All Day (1998)
Paddington Bear and the Busy Bee Carnival (1998)
Paddington Bear Goes to Market (1998)
Paddington and the Tutti Frutti Rainbow (1998)
Paddington Dressing Up (1999)
Paddington and the Stately Home (1999)
Paddington Bear Up and About (1999)
Paddington Goes to Market (1999)
Too Much Off the Top (1999)
Paddington Bear at the Circus (2000)
Trouble At the Laundrette (2000)
Paddington in Hot Water (2000)
Paddington's Party Tricks (2000)
Paddington Bear Goes to the Hospital (2001)
Paddington Goes to Hospital (2001)
Paddington Bear in the Garden (2002)
Paddington in the Garden (2002)
Paddington and the Grand Tour (2003)
Paddington Goes for Gold (2012)
Paddington and the Magic Trick (2016)
Paddington Sets Sail (2016)
Paddington Plays On (2016)
Paddington's Day Off (2016)
Paddington's Prize Picture (2017)





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