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Clive Cussler

(Clive Eric Cussler)
USA flag (1931 - )

Clive Cussler grew up in Alhambra, California, and attended Pasadena City College before joining the Air Force. He went on to a successful advertising career, winning many national honours for his copywriting. Now a full-time bestselling author, he has also explored the deserts of the American Southwest in search of lost gold mines, dived in isolated lakes in the Rocky Mountains looking for lost aircraft and hunted under the sea for shipwrecks of historic significance, discovering and identifying more than sixty. Like his hero, Dirk Pitt, he is also an avid enthusiast of classic cars. He is married with three children, and divides his time between Colorado and Arizona.





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Clive Cussler recommends

Trans-Siberian Express (1977)
Warren Adler
"Warren Adler's characters and descriptions are drawn so vividly you can't help but feel more a passenger swept up by the intrigue, the sounds, and the smells of the train than you do simply as an observant reader."
False Prophets
False Prophets (1985)
(Wallace Mahoney)
Sean Flannery
"Fast-paced ... believable intrigue."
Peace on Earth
Peace on Earth (1987)
Gordon Stevens
"An explosive novel packed with emotion, insight and action."

The Warbirds (1989)
Richard Herman
"An imaginative action story told to perfection."

Cabot Station (1990)
William S Schaill
"A great read!"
The Black Sea
The Black Sea (1991)
Richard Setlowe
"A spellbinder... Richard Setlowe has to be the finest adventure writer in the country today."

Deep Gold (1991)
Jay Amberg
"One of the finest underwater treasure tales published in recent years."

Killer Instinct (1992)
(Jessica Coran, book 1)
Robert W Walker
"Grips with psychological suspense... masterful."

Pressure Point (1992)
Dick Couch
"Sure to keep you on the edge of your seat."

Delta Green (1993)
William H Lovejoy
"Lovejoy has proven himself a master storyteller."
Body of a Crime
Body of a Crime (1994)
Michael C Eberhardt
"Great suspense... no finer courtroom drama anywhere."

Arc Light (1994)
Eric L Harry
"Incredibly spellbinding... One of the best reads of the decade."
The Exchange Students
The Exchange Students (1995)
Marc Olden
"Olden has shown himself to be a master of intrigue and adventure."
Dance on the Wind
Dance on the Wind (1995)
(Titus Bass, book 1)
Terry C Johnston
"An epic that makes you wish it would never end."

Down to a Sunless Sea (1996)
(Tiller Galloway, book 4)
David Poyer
"There can be no better writer of modern sea adventure around today."
Nimitz Class
Nimitz Class (1997)
(Arnold Morgan, book 1)
Patrick Robinson
"A stunner that irresistibly hurtles the reader to the exciting climax."
Last Rights
Last Rights (1997)
Philip Shelby
"Brilliantly handled intrigue... grand entertainment."

Bluefin Blues (1997)
(Aristotle Socarides, book 6)
Paul Kemprecos
"There can be no better mystery writer in America today than Paul Kemprecos."
Revelation (1998)
L Christian Balling
"A great read... intrigue, greed, and evil."

Fire and Ice (1998)
Paul Garrison
"A finely crafted thriller by a master storyteller."
Link (1998)
Walt Becker
"A read that blends romance, violence, technology, and history into a fast-paced odyssey that never lets up."

Gideon (1999)
Russell Andrews
"Pure reading entertainment as good as you'll ever find."

Terminal Event (1999)
James Thayer
"An intriguing, brutal tale from a master storyteller."

Wake of the Perdido Star (1999)
Gene Hackman and Daniel Lenihan
"A fascinating read."

The Price of Honour (1999)
David H Hackworth
"Epic storytelling as exciting as it is suspenseful... a gripping yet thoughtful thriller."
Daughter of God
Daughter of God (2000)
Lewis Perdue
"Daughter of God is the way thrillers are supposed to be written... A read you won't soon forget."

The Medusa Stone (2000)
(Philip Mercer, book 3)
Jack Du Brul
"The finest adventure writer on the scene today."
Force 10
Force 10 (2000)
(USA vs Militia, book 4)
Ian Slater
"As impelling a storyteller as you're likely to encounter."
Necessary Evil
Necessary Evil (2001)
David Dun
"Escapist fiction of the first order."
Last Dance of the Viper
Last Dance of the Viper (2001)
Brian Lysaght
"Brian Lysaght has proven himself to be a master of intrigue and suspense."

The Art of Deception (2002)
(Boldt / Matthews, book 8)
Ridley Pearson
"One hell of a writer. He grabs, he twists, he tightens the screws until you're drained by a superb read."

Man in the Middle (2003)
Ken Morris
"Pure entertainment. Enjoyably engrossing."

The Da Vinci Code (2003)
(Robert Langdon, book 2)
Dan Brown
"Intrigue and menace mingle in one of the finest mysteries I've ever read.An amazing tale with enigma piled on secrets stacked on riddles."

Air Battle Force (2003)
(Patrick McLanahan, book 11)
Dale Brown
"Dale Brown is the best military adventure writer in the country."
Hawke (2003)
(Alex Hawke, book 1)
Ted Bell
"Rich, spellbinding, and absorbing, Hawke is packed with surprises."
Florida Getaway
Florida Getaway (2003)
(CSI: Miami, book 1)
Max Allan Collins
"No one can twist you through a maze of suspense like Max Allan Collins"

Lightening Strike (2003)
(Recon Force, book 1)
Charles Ryan
"Charles Ryan is a true master of adventure."
The Coil
The Coil (2004)
(Liz Sansborough, book 2)
Gayle Lynds
"A master of intrigue and adventure."
Whirlwind (2004)
Joseph Garber
"Fast-paced thrillers don't get any better than this."
Blood Ties
Blood Ties (2005)
(PI Julie Collins, book 1)
Lori Armstrong
"... a fascinating tale of intrigue that will sweep you into a world of horror and suspense."

Thriller (2006)
James Patterson
"The best of the best storytellers in the business. Thriller has no equal. Action, intrigue, and entertainment at the highest level. Adventure on a grand scale you won't forget."

Sign of the Cross (2006)
(Payne and Jones, book 2)
Chris Kuzneski
"Harrowing, but always suspenseful, Sign of the Cross makes you wish it would never end."
Unholy Grail
Unholy Grail (2007)
D L Wilson
"A tale rich with intrigue that grips the imagination. A must read."
Cat and Mouse
Cat and Mouse (2007)
Harold Coyle
"Coyle is a master of high-tech suspense. He spins his story with such power that you're swept along to the climactic finish."
The First Stone
The First Stone (2007)
Judith Kelman
"Remarkable... filled with intrigue... I truly enjoyed it."
High Wind in Java
High Wind in Java (2007)
(Richard Mariner, book 18)
Peter Tonkin
"A master of sea-going adventure."
Sudden Death
Sudden Death (2007)
(Deadly Sports Mystery, book 1)
Michael Balkind
"Pure fun, pure intrigue. The action never stops until a fascinating climax!"
Rules of Deception
Rules of Deception (2008)
(Jonathan Ransom, book 1)
Christopher Reich
"RULES OF DECEPTION delivers pure suspense, intrigue, and adventure from its first page to its last. Christopher Reich is the master of the espionage thriller for the 21st century."

City of War (2010)
(Rail Black, book 1)
Neil Russell
"Neil Russell has to be one of the finest, skilled, and accomplished writers in the country, a true master of intrigue."

Wraith (2010)
(Stealth Command, book 1)
James R Hannibal
"...a terrific mix of real air technology with intrigue and nonstop action."

Robopocalypse (2011)
Daniel H Wilson
"Brilliantly conceived... unlike anything I've read before."

Chimera (2011)
Ken Goddard
"Goddard has a keen sense of how to hold the reader."

Sunspot (2014)
Rob Leininger
"An intriguing thriller that mixes terror and threat to the planet on a grand scale. A first-rate tale told by a first-class writer."

MirrorWorld (2015)
Jeremy Robinson
"This is gut churning, edge-of-your-seat, roller-coaster entertainment. Strap in and hold on for the ride!."

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