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Rhoda Broughton

UK flag (1840 - 1920)
Niece of J Sheridan Le Fanu

Rhoda Broughton was a Welsh novelist and short story writer. Her early novels earned her a reputation for sensationalism which caused her later and stronger work to be neglected by serious critics, though she was described as a queen of the circulating libraries.
   Not Too Wisely But Too Well (1867)
   Red As a Rose Is She (1870)
   Good-Bye, Sweetheart! (1872)
   The Temple Bar (1872)
   Nancy (1873)
   Joan (1876)
   Second Thoughts (1880)
   Belinda (1883)
   Doctor Cupid (1886)
   Alas! (1890)
   Mrs. Bligh (1892)
   A Beginner (1893)
   Scylla or Charybdis? (1895)
   Dear Faustina (1897)
   Foes in Law (1899)
   The Game and the Candle (1899)
   Lavinia (1902)
   A Waif's Progress (1905)
   Mamma (1908)
   The Devil and the Deep Sea (1910)
   Between Two Stools (1912)
   Concerning a Vow (1914)
   A Thorn in the Flesh (1917)
   A Fool in Her Folly (1920)
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   Twilight Stories (1873)
     aka Tales for Christmas Eve
   Strange Dream (1881)
   Rhoda Broughton's Ghost Stories (1995)
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Novellas and Short Stories
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Anthologies containing stories by Rhoda Broughton
Into the London Fog (2020)
Eerie Tales from the Weird City
(British Library Tales of the Weird, book 16)
edited by
Elizabeth Dearnley
A Bottomless Grave (2001)
And Other Victorian Tales of Horror
edited by
Hugh Lamb
The Giant Book of Classic Ghost Stories (1997)
The Great Stories from the Victorian and Edwardian Era
edited by
Richard Dalby

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