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HUGH LAMB was born in 1946 in Sutton, Surrey. One of Britain's most acclaimed anthologists of ghosts and gaslightterrors, he is renowned for unearthing many obscure tales by Victorian and Edwardian writers, including a lostM.R. James story for his 1975 compilation The Thrill of Horror: 22 Terrifying Tales.

Since his first anthology, A Tide of Terror: An Anthology of Rare Horror Stories, appeared in 1972, hisbooks have included Victorian Tales of Terror, A Wave of Fear, two volumes of The Star Book of Horror,Terror By Gaslight (1975), The Taste of Fear, Return from the Grave, Victorian Nightmares,Cold Fear: New Tales of Terror, Forgotten Tales of Terror, The Man-Wolf and Other Horrors,Tales from a Gaslit Graveyard, New Tales of Terror, Stories in the Dark, Terror ByGaslight (1992), two volumes of Gaslit Nightmares, and A Bottomless Grave and Other Victorian Tales of Terror.

More recently, Dover Publications has been reprinting new and omnibus editions of his anthologies, includingTales from a Gas-Lit Graveyard, Gaslit Nightmares and Gaslit Horror.

Hugh has also compiled individual collections by such authors of the macabre as Erckmann-Chatrian, E. Nesbit,Jerome K. Jerome, Bernard Capes, A.C. and R.H. Benson, and Robert W. Chambers.
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