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Stella Benson

(Mrs James O Anderson)
UK flag (1892 - 1933)

Stella Benson was an English feminist travel writer and novelist. Stella was noted for being compassionate and interested in social issues. Like her older female relatives, she supported women's suffrage. During World War I, she supported the troops by gardening and by helping poor women in London's East End at The Charity Organisation Society. These efforts inspired Benson to write novels I Pose (1915) and This Is the End (1917). She took on a job at The University of California as a tutor, then as an editorial reader for The University Press. These experiences inspired her next work, The Poor Man (1922). Benson's writings kept coming, but her later works are not well known today. Goodbye, Stranger was written in 1926, followed by The Man Who Missed the Bus in 1928 and finally Tobit Transplanted in 1930, which won the Femina Vie Heureuse Prize.
   I Pose (1915)
   This Is the End (1917)
   Living Alone (1919)
   The Poor Man (1922)
   Goodbye, Stranger (1926)
   The Man Who Missed the Bus (1928)
   Tobit Transplanted (1930)
     aka The Far-away Bride
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The Man Who Missed the 'Bus (1929)

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Stella Benson (1983) by Meredith Bedell
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