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Jeff VanderMeer

USA flag (b.1968)

Jeff VanderMeer, a winner of the World Fantasy Award, has seen his fiction published in over twenty different countries -- including the highly praised CITY OF SAINTS & MADMEN.

Genres: Science Fiction, Fantasy, Young Adult Fantasy, Horror
Series contributed to
HALO Collections (with Tobias S Buckell, B K Evenson, Brian Evenson, Jonathan Goff, Kevin Grace, Tessa Kum, Fred Van Lente, Robt McLees, Eric Nylund, Frank O'Connor, Eric Raab and Karen Traviss)
   Evolutions (2009)
Anthology series
Anthologies edited
Non fiction
Anthologies containing stories by Jeff VanderMeer
Short stories
So the Dead Walk Slowly (1989)
The Color of Chance is Green (1990)
Flight Is for Those Who Have Not Yet Crossed Over (1993)
La Siesta del Muerte (1993)
At the Crossroads, Burying the Dog (1995)
The Bone-Carver's Tale (1995)
The Transformation of Martin Lake (1999)British Fantasy Society (nominee)

British Fantasy Society Best Short Story nominee (1999) : The Transformation of Martin Lake
Philip K Dick Award Best Book nominee (2002) : Leviathan 3
World Fantasy Best Collection nominee (2003) : City of Saints and Madmen: The Book of Ambergris
World Fantasy Best Novel nominee (2004) : Veniss Underground
Nebula Awards Best Novel nominee (2010) : Finch
World Fantasy Best Novel nominee (2010) : Finch
John W Campbell Memorial Award Best Novel nominee (2015) : Annihilation
Nebula Awards Best Novel winner (2015) : Annihilation
Arthur C. Clarke Award Best Book nominee (2018) : Borne
John W Campbell Memorial Award Best Novel nominee (2018) : Borne

Jeff VanderMeer recommends
Trujillo (2004)
Lucius Shepard
"Lucius Shepard has been among the most respected and unclassifiable of American fiction writers. His prodigious output... may be unmatched for its sheer range and quality."
Trial of Flowers (2006)
(City Imperishable, book 1)
Jay Lake
"Modern decadence with an intent both sinister and sublime, Trial of Flowers is a strange and often beautiful novel. Jay Lake continues to expand the limits of his idiosyncratic talent."
The Reef (2008)
Mark Charan Newton
"A promising new writer whose prose is dynamic and whose imagination is often startling."
Gears of the City (2008)
(Thunderer, book 2)
Felix Gilman
"Incredibly imaginative - a brilliant new author."
God's War (2011)
(Bel Dame Apocrypha, book 1)
Kameron Hurley
"Kameron Hurley's a brave, unflinching, truly original writer with a unique vision - her fiction burns right through your brain and your heart."
Starve Better (2011)
Nick Mamatas
"Mamatas offers up a no-nonsense guide that should be required reading for all writers. Prepare to have some illusions shattered, because you need them shattered."
The Euonymist (2011)
(Infinity Plus Singles, book 12)
Neil Williamson
"A rich and rewarding read from a stylish new talent."
Sterling City (2013)
Stephen Graham Jones
"Sterling City is mesmerizing, horrifying, strange, and you can’t put it down. It has a kind of stark poetry in the concision and clarity of its prose. Another great example of why you should be reading Stephen Graham Jones."
The Warren (2016)
Brian Evenson
"A creepy, mind-bending quest of identity and mystery, told with a master's skill. No one explores inner Landscapes quite like Brian Evenson."
The Complete Stories of Leonora Carrington (2017)
Leonora Carrington
"This definitive collection of Carrington's fiction is a treasure and a gift to the world. A stunning achievement."
Amatka (2017)
Karin Tidbeck
"Karin Tidbeck’s Amatka is a stunning, truly original exploration of the mysteries of reality and what it means to be human. It’s brutally honest and uncompromising in its vision - a brilliant short story writer has been revealed as an even more brilliant novelist. One of my favorite reads of the past few years, an instant classic."
The Five Daughters of the Moon (2017)
(Waning Moon Duology, book 1)
Leena Likitalo
"By turns rambunctious, lively, strange, and at times melancholy in the best ways, Leena Likitalo's wonderful novel marks the debut of a major new talent."
The Rift (2017)
Nina Allan
"Unique and fascinating."
Creatures of Will & Temper (2017)
(Creatures , book 1)
Molly Tanzer
"A delightful, dark, and entertaining romp with serious intent behind it. The writing is so smart and sharp--Molly Tanzer is at the top of her form in this beautifully constructed novel. Sure to be a favorite of readers and critics alike."
Theory of Bastards (2018)
Audrey Schulman
"The novel I can't get out of my head is Audrey Schulman's mid-Collapse Theory of Bastards, with its nuanced confluence of the personal and the epic, the human and the nonhuman."
Everything Under (2018)
Daisy Johnson
"A stunning debut novel. [B]lending a deep understanding of character and storytelling examination … the result reminds me of Iris Murdoch. … Johnson’s affinity for the natural world is extraordinary."
Lost Objects (2018)
Marian Womack
"An intriguing and illuminating first collection, chock-full of interesting ideas about the natural world and ourselves."
Missing Signal (2018)
(City-States Cycle)
Seb Doubinsky
"Seb Doubinsky is a great writer, both rambunctious and subtle, who can do anything...Read his work."
The Bus on Thursday (2018)
Shirley Barrett
"Bursting with raucous energy, while anchored in seriousness, The Bus on Thursday is an intoxicating horror-humor romp."
The Study of Animal Languages (2019)
Lindsay Stern
"A fascinating, original meditation on a human relationship and the non-human world from a very talented new writer. Quietly provocative."
Infinite Detail (2019)
Tim Maughan
"A singular speculative debut, Infinite Detail asks crucial questions about the nature of our relationship to technology. A lively and provocative novel particularly equipped for the challenges of our moment."
Wilder Girls (2019)
Rory Power
"Wilder Girls is so sharp and packs so much emotion in such wise ways. I'm convinced we're about to witness the emergence of a major new literary star."
Little Digs (2020)
Lisa L Hannett
"Here at the beginning of her career, Hannett shows a stylistic flair and depth of story rare in even established writers. Her fiction in this collection is smart, confident, and in her own voice."
Velocities (2020)
Kathe Koja
"A modern genius of weird and dark fiction, Kathe Koja once again proves with Velocities that she’s adept at plunging the reader into strange and unexpected places. One of my favorite collections of the year."
Road Out of Winter (2020)
Alison Stine
"A warning about who we become and who we want to be in an uncertain future. Beautifully written and essential."
The Rock Eaters (2021)
Brenda Peynado
"A stunning debut collection comprised of provocative stories that are oddly healing and horizon-expanding. An exciting new voice."
Once There Were Wolves (2021)
Charlotte McConaghy
"So damn good. A page-turner that makes you think and has a huge emotional impact."
Something New Under the Sun (2021)
Alexandra Kleeman
"A magnificent and stunning novel, by turns hilarious, satirical, moving, and so very, very much what we need in these uncertain times."
January Fifteenth (2022)
Rachel Swirsky
"Rachel Swirsky is among the most talented science fiction/fantasy short story writers working today-one of the new generation that's transforming the genre through a combination of inspiration, renovation, and fresh approaches."
The Splendid City (2022)
Karen Heuler
"Heuler continues to delight with her thoughtful brand of modern surrealism / magic realism - a criminally underrated writer."
The Mountain in the Sea (2022)
Ray Nayler
"The Mountain in the Sea is a first-rate speculative thriller, by turns fascinating, brutal, powerful, and redemptive. The book poses profound questions about artificial and nonhuman intelligence, and its answers are tantalizing and provocative."

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