Susan Burdorf

   Angels Among Us (2012) (with Monica Blanton, Theresa Oliver and Kim Stevens)
   Love Bites (2014) (with Monica Blanton, Becca Boucher, Ashlea Burns, Vanessa Hancock, Theresa Oliver, Stephanie Parke, Dana Piazzi, Kim Stevens and Elaine White)
   Blood and Scales (2015) (with Heather Clawson, Victoria Escobar, EC Hibbs, Ruthi Kight, Luke McCallin, Jacinta Maree, CL Matthews, Bobbie Palmer and JK Radalyac)
   Twisted Fairy Tales (2016) (with Heather Marie Adkins, Jill Cooper, Erin Danzer, Victoria Escobar, J Laslie, K Laslie, Bethany Lopez, Elizabeth Sharp and Magan Vernon)
   Snakes & Stones (2017) (with Christina Benjamin, Kaitlin Bevis, Erin Hayes, Suzanna Lynn and Ali Winters)
   Shiver Me Timbers (2017) (with Erin Danzer, Corinne O'Flynn, Bridgette O'Hare, CD Scott, Lichelle Slater, Christina Walker and Nicole Zoltack)
   UnderDogs (2017) (with SF Benson, Jeanine Binder, Susan Boles, A J Culey, Elise Faber, Sandy Goldsworthy, Kelly Risser, J G Summer and Julie Wetzel)
   Most Ardently (2019) (with Sheena Austin, Nicole Natalie Bates, Sophie Cohen, Margo Bond Collins, Marissa Guidara, Ivy Hearne, Charlene Johnson, Debra-Ann Kummoung and Deborah E Pearson)
Series contributed to
Havenwood Falls
   2. Old Wounds (2017)
   12. Rock Me Gently (2018)
   Havenwood Falls Short Story Anthology 2018 (2018) (with Belinda Boring, Kristie Cook, E J Fechenda, Victoria Flynn, T V Hahn, Toni L P Kelner, Daniele Lanzarotta, Colleen Nye, Kallie Ross, Char Webster and Randi Cooley Wilson)
Havenwood Falls Omnibus (with Kristie Cook and E J Fechenda)
   1. Havenwood Falls Volume One (omnibus) (2017)
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