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Travis Bagwell  lives in Austin, Texas with his wife and three dogs. He is an attorney by day and an avid video game enthusiast by night. Writing fiction has been a secret dream of his for a while. However, between school and work, that dream seemed impossible to squeeze in. He now has a bit more time on his  hands nowadays and  decided to finally put his nerdy interests to work.

Travis has been in love with the growing "LitRPG" genre for a few years and have devoured nearly every book and story that has been published in this genre so far. He cut his teeth on Ready Player One and Caverns and Creatures. He also branched into anime/manga. Sword Art Online and Log Horizon are probably his favorites. After running out of reading material, he decided to finally try his hand at writing and publishing his own story.


Genres: GameLit
Awaken Online
   1. Catharsis (2016)
   2. Precipice (2017)
   2.5. Retribution (2017)
   3. Evolution (2018)
   3.5. Apathy (2018)
   4. Dominion (2019)
   4.5. Unity (2019)
   5. Ember (2019)
   6. Flame (2020)
   7. Inferno (2020)
   8. Hellion (2021)
   9. Happy (2021)
   10. Armageddon (2022)
   11. Timeless (2023)

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