Since the release of her 2004 debut novel A Gangsters Girl, Essence Magazine best selling author Chunichi Knott has gone on to pen three additional best selling novels, Married To The Game, The Naked Truth and Return of A Gangsters Girl.
With more than a half of a million books in print and on the heels of her fifth novel, California Connection, Chunichis talent as a writer, combined with her consistent and successful track record speaks for itself.
In addition to her hard work and relentless drive, Chunichis rise to the top of the literary world can easily be attributed to the fact that she has lived through the same fast lifestyle of sex, money, drugs, cars, and designer clothes, that she writes about in her books.
The former quiet southern girl from Alabama had her life transformed when she moved to Virginia Beach in her late teens. Dubbed the Urban Diva of literature because of her striking beauty, Chunichis stunning looks and Scorpio sex appeal was evident since her teenage years. And she instantly became a magnet for attracting ballers who elevated her social status while introducing her to an intoxicating high-end lifestyle.
That lifestyle transformed the sexy seductress into a gun toting Bonnie who was trained to fire. Chunichis fast paced lifestyle soon began to mimic that of a vixen and it included stints as a highly sought after local celebrity as well as her being the spoiled female darling of several NBA and NFL athletes.
Consequently as Chunichi matured, she decided to make a change in the way she was living. Never forgetting her past but making sure to leave the fast life behind, Chunichi went on to pursue and attain her degree in Nursing, while simultaneously putting her real life experiences on paper.
Now a reserved, mysterious beauty, the Urban Diva moves like anthrax, killing the literary scene with books that are sure to keep her on top of the major best sellers list for years to come.

Genres: Urban Fiction
   The Streets Keep Calling (2010)
   The California Saga (2013)
   Desire (2013)
Series contributed to
Girls from Da Hood
   1. Girls from Da Hood (2004) (with Roy Glenn and Nikki Turner)
   2. Girls from Da Hood 2 (2005) (with others)
   3. Girls from Da Hood 3 (2007) (with others)
   9. Girls from da Hood 9 (2013) (with others)
   1. Even Sinners Have Souls (2008) (with others)
Around the Way Girls
   7. Around the Way Girls 7 (2010) (with B.L.U.N.T. and Karen Williams)

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