Heron Carvic

UK flag (1913 - 1980)

Heron Carvic was a British actor and writer who provided the voice for Gandalf in the BBC Radio version of The Hobbit, and played Caiphas the High Priest every time the play cycle The Man Born To Be King was broadcast. As a writer he created the characters and wrote the first five books featuring retired art teacher Miss Emily D. Seeton, a gentle parody of Agatha Christie's Miss Marple.

Genres: Cozy Mystery
Miss Seeton
   1. Picture Miss Seeton (1968)
   2. Miss Seeton Draws the Line (1969)
   3. Miss Seeton, Bewitched (1971)
     aka Witch Miss Seeton
   4. Miss Seeton Sings (1973)
   5. Odds on Miss Seeton (1975)
continued in the series: Miss Seeton