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Rhys Bowen

A pseudonym used by Janet Quin-Harkin

Mystery Author Rhys Bowen is a transplanted Brit who now divides her time between California and Arizona. She currently writes two mystery series, the Molly Murphy novels, about an Irish immigrant in 1900s New York City and the lighter Royal Spyness mysteries about a penniless minor royal in 1930s Britain. Her books made bestseller lists, garnered many awards, nominations, and starred reviews.

Genres: Cozy Mystery, Historical Mystery, Historical
New Books
October 2022

Christmas at Patchin Place
(Molly Murphy)
November 2022

Peril in Paris
(Royal Spyness, book 16)
March 2023

All That Is Hidden
(Molly Murphy, book 19)
Agatha Award Best Novel winner (2001) : Murphy's Law
Agatha Award Best Novel nominee (2002) : Death Of Riley
Macavity Awards Best Novel nominee (2004) : For the Love of Mike
Edgar Awards Best Novel nominee (2005) : Evan's Gate
Agatha Award Best Novel nominee (2007) : Her Royal Spyness
Barry Awards Best Novel nominee (2007) : Oh Danny Boy
Agatha Award Best Novel nominee (2008) : A Royal Pain
Dilys Awards Best Book nominee (2008) : Her Royal Spyness
Agatha Award Best Novel nominee (2009) : Royal Flush
Agatha Award Best Historical Novel winner (2012) : Naughty In Nice
Agatha Award Best Historical Novel nominee (2012) : The Twelve Clues of Christmas
Agatha Award Best Historical Novel nominee (2013) : Heirs and Graces
Agatha Award Best Historical Novel winner (2014) : Queen of Hearts
Agatha Award Best Historical Novel nominee (2015) : Malice at the Palace
Agatha Award Best Historical Novel winner (2017) : In Farleigh Field
Agatha Award Best Historical Novel nominee (2018) : Four Funerals and Maybe a Wedding
Edgar Awards Best Paperback original nominee (2018) : In Farleigh Field
Agatha Award Best Historical Novel nominee (2019) : Love and Death Among the Cheetahs
Agatha Award Best Historical Novel nominee (2020) : The Last Mrs. Summers

Rhys Bowen recommends
Shadow Play (2004)
(Laura Winslow, book 6)
David Cole
"Every bit as good as Hillerman, Laura Winslow is a tough lady PI with a distinctly soft center."
The War Against Miss Winter (2007)
(Rosie Winter Mystery, book 1)
Kathryn Miller Haines
"Haines perfectly captures the feel, sights, and sounds of New York in the 1940s. Her Rosie... is fiesty, mouthy, and a lot of fun."
The First Wave (2007)
(Billy Boyle World War II Mystery, book 2)
James R Benn
"A rattling good' read."
Murder at Honeychurch Hall (2014)
(Honeychurch Hall, book 1)
Hannah Dennison
"This is the perfect classic English village mystery, but with the addition of charm, wit and a thoroughly modern touch. Pour yourself a cup of tea, curl up on the couch and enjoy!"
This Private Plot (2014)
(Oliver Swithin Mystery, book 3)
Alan Beechey
"...delicious dialogue, ridiculously eccentric English characters: utter heaven and worth the long wait."
Homicidal Holidays (2014)
Donna Andrews, Barb Goffman and Marcia Talley
"Have fun with this whole year of holiday stories. I certainly did!"
At the Drop of a Hat (2015)
(Hat Shop Mystery, book 3)
Jenn McKinlay
"[A] delicious cozy read."
A Curious Beginning (2015)
(Veronica Speedwell Mystery, book 1)
Deanna Raybourn
"A treat. One of the few writers who can make history feel immediate and exciting without losing a grasp of the period."
Oliver Twisted (2016)
(Ivy Meadows Mystery, book 3)
Cindy Brown
"It is not easy to combine humor and murder, but Cindy Brown does it effortlessly."
Delivering the Truth (2016)
(Quaker Midwife Mystery, book 1)
Edith Maxwell
"Rose Carroll is a richly crafted and appealing sleuth. A terrific historical read."
Murder between the Lines (2017)
(Kitty Weeks Mystery, book 2)
Radha Vatsal
"A delightful spunky heroine defines convention in this engaging historical mystery."
The Frangipani Tree Mystery (2017)
(Crown Colony, book 1)
Ovidia Yu
"Charming and fascinating with great authentic feel. Ovidia Yu's teenage Chinese sleuth gives us an insight into a very different culture and time. This book is exactly why I love historical novels."
Murder in Mayfair (2017)
(Atlas Catesby Mystery, book 1)
D M Quincy
"I've always been a fan of the Regency novel and enjoyed this delicious tale of scandal and villainy in Georgian England."
A Bitter Rain (2017)
James D Shipman
"Harrowing, intense, and oh so real, this story plunges the reader into the nightmare world of Nazi Germany where good and decent people struggle to survive."
The Woman in the Camphor Trunk (2017)
(Anna Blanc Mystery, book 2)
Jennifer Kincheloe
"Jennifer Kincheloe brings turn-of-the-century Los Angeles vividly to life in this novel featuring a police matron turned detective. Anna is delightfully fearless, independent, and a woman way ahead of her time. Her sparring love-hate relationship with the young police detective brings lighter moments to a tense drama involving LA’s Chinatown."
As Bright as Heaven (2018)
Susan Meissner
"It is strange that a book with death as its theme should be so life-affirming and uplifting. Told from multiple points of view in gorgeously rich prose, this is a story that will haunt the reader long after it is finished."
The Darkling Bride (2018)
(Gallagher Family, book 1)
Laura Andersen
"Deliciously gothic and yet peopled with real and complex characters, The Darkling Bride grabbed my attention (and my heartstrings) on page one and wouldn’t let go."
Murder in Belgravia (2018)
(Mayfair 100, book 1)
Lynn Brittney
"A delightful ensemble cast of sleuths with their complex relationships make this a compelling read. Even though the setting is London s fashionable West End, we are constantly reminded that WWI is never far away and that London s poshest neighborhoods are not far from its seedy underbelly."
The Reluctant Fortune-Teller (2018)
Keziah Frost
"Delightful. Norbert Z is warm and real and we rejoice in his growth throughout the story. This is a real comfort read in an uncertain world."
Santa Fe Mourning (2018)
(Santa Fe Revival Mystery, book 1)
Amanda Allen
Fall of Angels (2018)
(Inspector Redfyre Mystery, book 1)
Barbara Cleverly
"I have been a fan of Barbara Cleverly's ever since her first Joe Sandilands novel, and find her new series quite exciting. I feel as if Dorothy Sayers has been brought back to life! Detective Inspector John Redfyre is Lord Peter Wimsey without the affectations. Many writers can tell us about the 1920s, but so few can transport us there, as Barbara Cleverly does."
A Lady's Guide to Etiquette and Murder (2018)
(Countess of Harleigh Mystery, book 1)
Dianne Freeman
"A delightful tale of shenanigans among the British aristocracy. Lady Frances feels very real—not too smart and spunky but no shrinking violet either."
A Gentleman's Murder (2018)
Christopher Huang
"Dorothy Sayers is alive and well and writing under the name of Christopher Huang. A Gentleman's Murder echoes the traditional mysteries in the best sense: no car chases or explosions, just great characters and a feel for time and place."
Ask Me No Questions (2018)
(Lady Dunbridge Mystery, book 1)
Shelley Noble
"Told with wit and humor...a spirited and spunky addition to the ranks of aristocratic women sleuths of the early 20th century."
The Ragged Edge of Night (2018)
Olivia Hawker
"Harrowing and yet life-affirming, told in the richest, most eloquent prose, The Ragged Edge of Night is one of the World War II novels that will stand out and be remembered."
City of Secrets (2018)
(Counterfeit Lady, book 2)
Victoria Thompson
"[A] new, compelling and very different heroine."
What the Wind Knows (2019)
Amy Harmon
"I don’t often find a book I can’t put down, but I devoured What the Wind Knows. It’s magical, atmospheric, and compelling, a book that will haunt you for a long time."
When We Left Cuba (2019)
(Cuba Saga, book 2)
Chanel Cleeton
"Powerful, emotional and oh so real. One woman's fight to reclaim her own country, against all odds and no matter what the cost is intertwined with the real history of our lifetime and creates an unforgettable story."
The Long Flight Home (2019)
Alan Hlad
"Tense, heartwarming and life affirming, The Long Flight Home gives a fresh slant on heroism in WWII."
Lady Takes the Case (2019)
(Manor Cat Mystery, book 1)
Eliza Casey
"Fans of Downton Abbey will be delighted in the setting, the smart and likable aristocratic heroine, her plucky American maid and the stowaway cat."
Three Hours in Paris (2020)
(Kate Rees WWII, book 1)
Cara Black
"Breathtaking! I found it hard to breathe from the first page. A worthy successor to The Day of the Jackal and Six Days of the Condor, but with the addition of a real and likable heroine. This thriller takes Cara Black to a whole new level."
The Lost Girls of Devon (2020)
Barbara O'Neal
"The Lost Girls of Devon draws us into the lives of four generations of women as they come to terms with their relationships and a mysterious tragedy that brings them together. Written in exquisite prose with the added bonus of the small Devon village as a setting, Barbara O’Neal’s book will ensnare the reader from the first page, taking us on an emotional journey of love, loss, and betrayal."
The Diabolical Bones (2020)
(Bronte Sisters Mystery, book 2)
Bella Ellis
"The Bronte sisters as sleuths-what a delicious idea!"
Premeditated Myrtle (2020)
(Myrtle Hardcastle Mystery, book 1)
Elizabeth C Bunce
"In the tradition of heroines like Flavia de Luce and Harriet the Spy, Myrtle is a fine example of the Victorian scientific female--smart, inquisitive and fearless. Written with a terrific mixture of humor and suspense, Premeditated Myrtle is a perfect read for any budding detective."
Olive Bright, Pigeoneer (2020)
(Olive Bright, book 1)
Stephanie Graves
"Olive Bright, Pigeoneer is the perfect escape read for troubled times. The classic village mystery with its quirky cast of characters, including pigeons, plus the heightened danger of WWII."
Glamour Girls (2021)
Marty Wingate
"Glamour Girls feels so real it's like reading a personal diary of the brave women who were unsung heroes of WWII. Marty Wingate has managed to get the feel for wartime Britain spot on. Well done!"
These Tangled Vines (2021)
Julianne MacLean
"This heartwarming story of love and loss, longing and betrayal set amid the vines of Tuscany is the perfect escape in troubled times."
When We Meet Again (2021)
Caroline Beecham
"A compelling story of a determined young woman and her quest for justice set against the fascinating world of publishing--and even a zoo--during World War II."
All That Is Secret (2021)
(Annalee Spain Mystery, book 1)
Patricia Raybon
"In Professor Annalee Spain, Patricia Raybon has created a real, rounded, and very human character. Not only a good mystery, but a realistic insight into the African American experience in the nineteen twenties."
Death in a Blackout (2022)
(WPC Billie Harkness Mystery, book 1)
Jessica Ellicott
"A fresh and different take on WW2 stories as an appealing young heroine finds herself investigating petty crimes and divided loyalties in the midst of the Blitz. Shades of Foyles War."
Front Page Murder (2022)
(Homefront News Mystery, book 1)
Joyce St Anthony
"Well written, well researched and with a great sense of time and place, this book gives a different slant to WWII."
Miss Aldridge Regrets (2022)
(Canary Club Mystery, book 1)
Louise Hare
"Fiendishly plotted with more twists than a corkscrew, this nineteen thirties novel set on board the Queen Mary is a real page turner."
The Physicists' Daughter (2022)
Mary Anna Evans
"A fascinating and intelligent WWII home front story with a smart heroine who uses her upbringing and knowledge of physics to protect a US factory from a traitor."
Where the Wandering Ends (2022)
Yvette Manessis Corporon
"Set on the romantic island of Corfu, Where the Wandering Ends is a powerful, emotional tale of recent history, showing the disruption of lives during the Greek civil war."
The Socialite's Guide to Murder (2022)
(Pinnacle Hotel Mystery, book 1)
S K Golden
"It's as if Eloise is all grown up and a sassy, savvy sleuth at the Plaza hotel! Hotel owner's daughter Evie Murphy is smart and daring in this delightful Golden Age mystery."

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