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Hamilton Crane

A pseudonym used by Sarah J Mason

Hamilton Crane is the pseudonym used by Sarah J. Mason when writing 13 sequels and one prequel to the Miss Seeton series. She has also written detective fiction under her own name, but should not be confused with the Sarah Mason (no middle initial) who writes a rather different kind of book. After half a century in Hertfordshire (if we ignore four years in Scotland and one in New Zealand), Sarah J. Mason now lives in Somerset within easy reach of the beautiful city of Wells, and just far enough from Glastonbury to avoid the annual traffic jams.

Genres: Cozy Mystery
Series contributed to
Miss Seeton
   9. Miss Seeton Cracks the Case (1991)
   10. Miss Seeton Paints the Town (1991)
   11. Hands Up, Miss Seeton (1992)
   12. Miss Seeton by Moonlight (1992)
   13. Miss Seeton Rocks the Cradle (1992)
   14. Miss Seeton Goes to Bat (1993)
   15. Miss Seeton Plants Suspicion (1993)
   16. Starring Miss Seeton (1994)
   17. Miss Seeton Undercover (1994)
   18. Miss Seeton Rules (1994)
   19. Sold to Miss Seeton (1995)
   20. Sweet Miss Seeton (1996)
   21. Bonjour, Miss Seeton (1997)
   22. Miss Seeton Quilts the Village (2017)
   23. Miss Seeton Flies High (2018)
   24. Watch the Wall, Miss Seeton (2019)
   Miss Seeton's Finest Hour (1998)

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