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Latoya Chandler

Latoya Chandler is definitely on the watch list. This New York author is nestled in the “Big Apple,” and has great aspirations for her world of creative writing. Mrs. Chandler works as an Executive assistant to the CEO of a non-profit organization, which is a pillar in her community.
When Latoya is not writing or reading novels of romance and fictional persuasion she enjoys spending time with her family. Latoya has five loving children and dotes on her very patient better half.
The wake of the creative spirits of Latoya Chandler began in October 2013. Latoya’s life changed drastically when she realized she wasn’t crazy and the people talking-or the voices in her head were actually the voices of birthing characters. The writing began and before she knew it, Mrs. Chandler had penned her first novel.
Torn, Don’t Need You, But I Want You, was the first of three installments to the Torn Trilogy. Torn, released this past January was also the first book Chandler debuted under her very own Publishing Company, “Passion-Publications, LLC.”

Genres: Urban Fiction
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