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Meg Cabot

(Meggin Patricia Cabot)
USA flag (1967 - )

aka Patricia Cabot, Jenny Carroll

Meg Cabot is a #1 New York Times bestselling author of books for both adults and tweens/teens. Born and raised in Bloomington, Indiana, Meg also lived in Grenoble, France, and Carmel, California (the setting for her bestselling Mediator series) before moving to New York City after graduating with a bachelors degree in fine arts from Indiana University.
After working for ten years as an assistant residence hall director at New York University (an experience from which she occasionally draws inspiration for her Heather Wells mystery series, Meg wrote the Princess Diaries series, which was made into two hit movies by Disney, sold more than 16 million copies, and has been translated into 38 languages.

Meg lives in Key West with her husband and two cats.
1. Shadowland (2000) (as by Jenny Carroll)
2. Ninth Key (2001) (as by Jenny Carroll)
3. Reunion (2002) (as by Jenny Carroll)
     aka Mean Spirits
3. Mean Spirits (2009)
4. Darkest Hour (2001) (as by Jenny Carroll)
     aka Young Blood
5. Haunted (2003)
     aka Grave Doubts
6. Twilight (2004)
     aka Heaven Sent
6.5. The Proposal (2016)
7. Remembrance (2016)
Love You to Death / High Stakes (omnibus) (2010)
Mean Spirits / Young Blood (omnibus) (2010)
Grave Doubts / Heaven Sent (omnibus) (2010)
Shadowland / Ninth Key (omnibus) (2010)

Princess Diaries
1. The Princess Diaries (2000)
2. Princess in the Spotlight (2001)
     aka Take Two / A Royal Disaster
3. Princess in Love (2001)
     aka Princess in the Middle
4. Princess in Waiting (2002)
     aka Royally Obsessed
5. Princess in Pink (2003)
     aka Prom Princess
5.5. Project Princess (2003)
6. Princess in Training (2004)
     aka Sixsational
6.5. The Princess Present (2004)
7. Party Princess (2006)
     aka Royal Rebel
7.5. Sweet Sixteen Princess (2006)
8. Princess On the Brink (2006)
     aka After Eight / Royal Scandal
9. Princess Mia (2007)
     aka To the Nines / Bad Heir Day
10. Forever Princess (2009)
     aka Ten Out of Ten / Crowning Glory
11. Royal Wedding (2015)

1. When Lightning Strikes (2001) (as by Jenny Carroll)
2. Code Name Cassandra (2001) (as by Jenny Carroll)
3. Safe House (2002) (as by Jenny Carroll)
4. Sanctuary (2002) (as by Jenny Carroll)
5. Missing You (2006)
Vanished Books One & Two (omnibus) (2010)
Vanished Books Three & Four (omnibus) (2011)
All-American Girl
1. All-American Girl (2002)
2. Ready Or Not (2005)
Heather Wells Mysteries
1. Size 12 Is Not Fat (2005)
2. Size 14 Is Not Fat Either (2006)
3. Big Boned (2007)
     aka Size Doesn't Matter
4. Size 12 and Ready to Rock (2012)
5. Size 12 Is The New Black (2013)
     aka The Bride Wore Size 12

Avalon High: Coronation
1. The Merlin Prophecy (2007)
2. Homecoming (2007)
3. Hunter's Moon (2009)
1. Airhead (2008)
2. Being Nikki (2009)
3. Runaway (2010)
1. Insatiable (2010)
2. Overbite (2011)
Abandon trilogy
1. Abandon (2011)
2. Underworld (2012)
3. Awaken (2013)
From the Notebooks of a Middle-School Princess
1. From the Notebooks of a Middle-School Princess (2015)
2. Bridesmaid-In-Training (2016)
     aka Royal Wedding Disaster
3. Royal Crush (2017)
4. Royal Crown (2018)
Royal Day Out (2016)
Meg Cabot recommends

Miss Smithers (2004)
(Alice MacLeod, book 2)
Susan Juby
"Somebody needs to give that author a tiara!"

The Wedding Planner's Daughter (2005)
(Wedding Planner's Daughter, book 1)
Coleen Murtagh Paratore
"A fun, frothy confection that made me laugh out loud."
The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly Men I've Dated
The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly Men I've Dated (2005)
Shane Bolks
"A snappy, fun read I couldn't put down."
Confessions of a Serial Dater
Confessions of a Serial Dater (2005)
Michelle Cunnah
"Michelle Cunnah's characters warm the heart - not to mention tickle the funny bone!"
Everyone Else's Girl
Everyone Else's Girl (2005)
Megan Crane
"Megan Crane rules! Cancel your evening plans: you won't want to stop reading until you've devoured every delicious word."
Bad Kitty
Bad Kitty (2006)
(Bad Kitty , book 1)
Michele Jaffe
"Bad Kitty BeDazzles!"

Susanna Sees Stars (2006)
(Susanna, book 1)
Mary Hogan
"A memorable read!"
A Dangerous Dress
A Dangerous Dress (2006)
Julia Holden
"Julia Holden is addictive... infectously so."
It's About Your Husband
It's About Your Husband (2006)
Lauren Lipton
"Smart, sassy, and impossible to put down! Readers will love Lauren Lipton."

Love (2006)
(In the Cards, book 1)
Mariah Fredericks
"In the Cards is a must-read series that will have readers of all ages alternatively sighing and rolling on the floor laughing - and maybe even wiping away a tear or two."
Price of Admission
Price of Admission (2007)
Leslie Margolis
"This red-hot page turner hooked me from the very first sentence."
The Sleeping Beauty Proposal
The Sleeping Beauty Proposal (2007)
Sarah Strohmeyer
"Opening a book by Sarah Strohmeyer is like opening a box of chocolates - sweet, nutty, and absolutely irresistible."

What My Girlfriend Doesn't Know (2007)
(What My Mother Doesn't Know, book 2)
Sonya Sones
"Yes! It's finally here! Buy it. Read it. Just don't read it on a plane, or people will look at you when you laugh out loud at it."

The Hunt (2007)
(Rachel Benjamin, book 4)
Jennifer Sturman
"Sex and the City meets Agatha Christie! Jennifer Sturman's an exciting new voice in mystery fiction."
Seeing Me Naked
Seeing Me Naked (2008)
Liza Palmer
"As sinfully delicious and richly layered as the desserts its heroine whips up. Liza Palmer is definitely one of my new favorite writers!"

Sleeping with Ward Cleaver (2008)
Jenny Gardiner
"A fun, sassy read!"
Audrey, Wait
Audrey, Wait (2008)
Robin Benway
"Irresistible - like a catch song you can't get out of your head... I loved, loved, loved this book."

Threads (2009)
(Threads, book 1)
Sophia Bennett
"Like a deliciously frothy milkshake, I didn't want it to end! From page one, no girl will be able to put it down."
The Chosen One
The Chosen One (2009)
Carol Lynch Williams
"A powerful and heartbreaking novel of love and hope."

Fat Cat (2009)
Robin Brande
"Fat Cat was AWESOME. I couldn't stop reading it."

The Social Climber's Handbook (2011)
Molly Jong-Fast

Best Staged Plans (2011)
Claire Cook
"Charming, engagingly quirky, and full of fun, Claire Cook just gets it."

Jessie Hearts NYC (2011)
Keris Stainton
"A fun, delicious treat you'll want to eat up in a single bite!"

The Encyclopedia of Me (2012)
Karen Rivers
"What every girl will be reading this year!"

A School for Unusual Girls (2015)
(Stranje House, book 1)
Kathleen Baldwin
"A completely original-and totally engrossing-world, full of smart girls, handsome boys, and sinister mysteries...Sign me up."

The Leaf Reader (2017)
Emily Arsenault
"A taut, deftly written thriller...Emily Arsenault is a YA writer to watch!."

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