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The Way of Courage

(The third book in the Weaves of Empire series)
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Set on a terraformed planet, lightyears from Earth, in humanity's distant future, 'Weaves of Empire' tells the story of Bess, a girl found to have the potential to manipulate aether. Taken from poverty at the extremity of Tarlonin's New Dominions, she is brought to the centre of the Empire to become a mage.

In the Way of Sacrifice, Bess is found to have the potential to be a mage and becomes the Apprentice of Mage Michael Firestorm, who is forced to hand her over to an enemy of his, Mage Marin Seafarer, for transport to Tar Eylia, the first city of the Tarlonin Empire, to be trained at the Tarlonin Academy of Magic. Marin does all she can to destroy Bess' opportunity and succeeds by denying Bess the ability to access the aether which exists within her and having her expelled from the academy as faulty. Unfortunately, on the way, Bess has made enemies, and these eventually catch up with her. Capturing her, they abuse and torture her until she is on the verge of death. As she lies on a pile of corpses, thrown out to die, Bess finally has the breakthrough and gains access to her aether.

The Way of Justice tells of Bess’ journey to deal with those who tortured and abused her. Before looking for justice, she needs time to master her ability to access aether and somewhere to hide from the mages who would look to control her. To do this, she turns to one of the Forsaken, Earnest Goldbroker. While recuperating, Bess discovers that her abuse has resulted in her becoming pregnant with twins. Once the mages stop looking for her and she has been declared dead, Bess, now in control of her aether and trained by Earnest’s enforcers, Bess begins to hunt down those who tortured her. While dealing with her assailants, Bess uncovers information that details the events which led to the enslavement of Marin’s niece by the Kish and foils a plot to kill one of the imperial princesses. Returning to Tar Eylia after a trip to the city of Tar Londium to kill a High Priestess of the Blood Shades, Bess discovers that the imperial eyes sent to investigate the deaths of her first two victims have uncovered proof that she is still alive. The Emperor rewards Bess for uncovering the various plots, making her a duchess.

In the Way of Courage, Bess agrees to help rescue the Emperor’s granddaughter, Marina, from the hands of Lord Kish, ruler of Kishmeld.

[Spoiler (maybe): Weaves of Empire is set in the same universe as The Stork Tower. The connections will eventually become more apparent; the intervening years will be fleshed out in other series (not yet written).]

Genre: Science Fiction

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