Indrapramit Das

Genres: Horror, Science Fiction
Indrapramit Das recommends
The Monster of Elendhaven (2019)
Jennifer Giesbrecht
"Jennifer Giesbrecht's The Monster of Elendhaven is a gothic delight, dark as an oil-slick and iridescent with feral humour, bruise-violet prose, and a fascinatingly depraved tragic romance."
The Phlebotomist (2020)
Chris Panatier
"A compelling dystopian thriller that presents a fallen world and proceeds to dissect it with sanguine enthusiasm using its refreshingly unconventional heroes."
Helpmeet (2022)
Naben Ruthnum
"Naben Ruthnum's succinctly brilliant Helpmeet finds the thin line between intimacy and body horror, and blurs it to create a unique love story that is as moving as it is disturbing."

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