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Janelle Daniels

Janelle Daniels is an award-winning and Amazon bestselling author.

Janelle wasn't one of those people who knew they were meant to write from a young age. After jumping from one hobby to the next, she discovered her passion for writing at nineteen. After one manic writing episode, Janelle was hooked.

A mother of three, Janelle spends her days chasing down the 'beasties' and her nights writing (poor husband). If she can spare a second after spending time with her family and writing, you can usually find her curled up to a computer, catching up on her latest TV show addiction.

Genres: Historical Romance
Miners to Millionaires
   1. A Mail-Order Heart (2016)
   2. A Mail-Order Wish (2016)
   3. A Mail-Order Hope (2017)
   4. A Mail-Order Dream (2017)
   5. A Mail-Order Chance (2017)
   6. A Mail-Order Dawn (2017)
   7. A Mail-Order Escape (2018)
   8. A Mail-Order Illusion (2018)
   9. A Mail-Order Haven (2018)
   10. A Mail-Order Destiny (2018)
Copper Kings
   1. Western Bride (2018)
   2. Western Promise (2019)
   3. Western Future (2019)
   4. Western Dilemma (2019)
   5. Western Desire (2019)
   6. Western Fate (2020)
Novellas and Short Stories
   Sunkissed (2013)

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