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Seanan McGuire

USA flag (b.1978)

aka A Deborah Baker, Mira Grant

SEANAN McGUIRE is the author of the Wayward Children series, the October Daye urban fantasy series, the InCryptid series, and other works. She also writes darker fiction as Mira Grant. Seanan lives in Seattle with her cats, a vast collection of creepy dolls, and horror movies, and sufficient books to qualify her as a fire hazard. She was the winner of the 2010 John W. Campbell Award for Best New Writer, and in 2013 she became the first person ever to appear five times on the same Hugo ballot.

Genres: Urban Fantasy, Fantasy, Science Fiction, Horror, Mystery
New Books
August 2022

Be the Serpent
(October Daye, book 16)
August 2022

In Mercy, Rain
(Wayward Children)
November 2022

Skeleton Song
(Wayward Children)
January 2023

Lost in the Moment and Found
(Wayward Children, book 8)
   1. Indexing (2013)
   2. Reflections (2015)
Series contributed to
John W. Campbell Best Book winner (2010) : Rosemary and Rue
Nebula Awards Best Novella nominee (2017) : Every Heart a Doorway
Hugo Best Book nominee (2020) : Middlegame

Seanan McGuire recommends
The Shadow Reader (2011)
(McKenzie Lewis, book 1)
Sandy Williams
"Sexy and fun, this is a must."
London Falling (2012)
(Shadow Police, book 1)
Paul Cornell
"Paul Cornell has written a truly ingenious police procedural which happens to be the best supernatural London story since 'Neverwhere'."
The Shambling Guide to New York City (2013)
(Shambling Guides, book 1)
Mur Lafferty
"Nothing short of delightful."
Wisp of a Thing (2013)
(Tufa, book 2)
Alex Bledsoe
"Beautifully written, surprisingly moving, and unexpected in the best of ways."
Celebromancy (2013)
(Ree Reyes, book 2)
Michael R Underwood
"Geekomancy is a glorious blender of genres... absolutely steller."
Dirty Magic (2014)
(Prospero's War, book 1)
Jaye Wells
"DIRTY MAGIC is like nothing else currently happening in urban fantasy. Grim, gritty, and great."
The Witches of Echo Park (2015)
(Echo Park Coven, book 1)
Amber Benson
"Dark, delicious, and devilishly intricate. a spellbinding winner."
Within These Walls (2015)
Ania Ahlborn
"Cruel, bone chilling, and destined to become a classic, WITHIN THESE WALLS is worth the sleep it will cost you. Some of the most promising horror I’ve encountered in years."
Planetfall (2015)
(Planetfall , book 1)
Emma Newman
"I have been waiting for this book for a very long time. Planetfall is gripping, thoughtful science fiction in the vein of Tiptree or Crispin. Unique, timely, and enthralling...Emma Newman has crafted a story that turns inward on itself in a beautiful spiral; the written equivalent of the golden mean. Absolutely worth your time. Science fiction is meant to show us things about ourselves that we need to know. Planetfall is some of the finest sociological science fiction I have read since Tiptree...Absolutely beautiful. What a glorious, heartbreaking maze of a book."
Heroine Complex (2016)
(Heroine Complex, book 1)
Sarah Kuhn
"The superheroine we’ve been waiting for; the urban fantasy we deserve. Sarah Kuhn is the total package: comedy, tragedy, and sincerity. Grab your cape. We’re saving the city."
Fix (2016)
(Mancer, book 3)
Ferrett Steinmetz
"Hot, inventive, and exciting!."
The Last Sacrifice (2017)
(Tides of War , book 1)
James A Moore
"Gripping, horrific, and unique, James Moore continues to be a winner, whatever genre he’s writing in. Well worth your time."
Phantom Pains (2017)
(Arcadia Project, book 2)
Mishell Baker
"Smart, snappy, fast, fantastic. You will not be sorry you read this."
Cormorant Run (2017)
Lilith Saintcrow
"Lilith Saintcrow is at the top of her game."
The Tiger's Daughter (2017)
(Ascendant Trilogy , book 1)
K Arsenault Rivera
"Delicate, intricate, inevitable... a stunning debut. It took my breath away."
Glimpse (2018)
Jonathan Maberry
"Nobody brings the pain in modern horror like Jonathan Maberry. He's a master at the height of his game, and seeing what he does next is always an absolute delight."
Deep Roots (2018)
(Innsmouth Legacy, book 2)
Ruthanna Emrys
"This is wicked for the Cthulhu Mythos."
One of Us (2018)
Craig DiLouie
"This is not a kind book, or a gentle book, or a book that pulls its punches. But it's a powerful book and it will change you."
An Easy Death (2018)
(Gunnie Rose, book 1)
Charlaine Harris
"When a master of her craft offers to tell you a story, let her. The results are dazzling."
Creatures of Want & Ruin (2018)
(Creatures , book 2)
Molly Tanzer
"Profound and enthralling. This book is a delicate dream, mixing its own internal mythology with a brutal tale of prejudice and human frailty. I can’t recommend it enough. Tanzer is absolutely one to watch."
Miranda in Milan (2019)
Katharine Duckett
"Glorious and transformative, this may not be the continuation Shakespeare intended, but it is the one that we deserve."
The Nobody People (2019)
(Resonant Duology, book 1)
Bob Proehl
"Thoughtful, nuanced, kinetic, and, above all, human, this is the superhero story we've been waiting for."
The Library Of The Unwritten (2019)
(Hell's Library, book 1)
A J Hackwith
"It's like The Good Place meets Law & Order: Bibliophile Crime Unit. Highly recommended. This book is so much fun, and you should be reading it. Trust me. Stories about story are some of my favorite kinds. This book definitely makes the list. I am so glad I read this."
Salvaged (2019)
Madeleine Roux
"Elegant and inevitable, this is the prose equivalent of playing a survival horror game. Each piece feeds perfectly into the next. Beautifully written."
The House in the Cerulean Sea (2020)
TJ Klune
"Sweet, comforting, and kind, this book is very close to perfect. The House in the Cerulean Sea is a work of classic children's literature written for adults and children alike, with the perspective and delicacy of the modern day. I cannot recommend it highly enough."
The Book of Koli (2020)
(Rampart Trilogy, book 1)
M R Carey
"This is a BEAUTIFUL book. Gripping, engaging, and absolutely worth the time it takes to burrow yourself into its reality. I can't recommend it highly enough."
The Mother Code (2020)
Carole Stivers
"The Mother Code by Carole Stivers is brilliant, innovative, and moving."
Stealing Thunder (2020)
(Stealing Thunder, book 1)
Alina Boyden
"This is an epic fantasy for our time, beautifully written, considerately composed, and very important in many ways. Highly recommended."
Axiom's End (2020)
(Noumena, book 1)
Lindsay Ellis
"Axiom's End: if you enjoy first contact tales, alien cultures, inexplicable found families, beautiful chaos and elegantly constructed stories."
Deal with the Devil (2020)
(Mercenary Librarians, book 1)
Kit Rocha
"Hard-hitting, unflinching, brutally, beautifully written, and surprising even in the last act. It pulls off a few tricks I would have called cliches past redeeming. I am SO impressed."
The Girl of Hawthorn and Glass (2020)
(Metamorphosis , book 1)
Adan Jerreat-Poole
"A unique, gripping, engaging book by a voice that the genre has been waiting for."
Hench (2020)
Natalie Zina Walschots
"This book is fast, furious, compelling, and angry as hell. It's a beautiful deconstruction of the superhero genre, and I'm only a little annoyed that I didn't think of it first."
Halloween Season (2020)
Lucy A Snyder
"Lucy Snyder attacks the page with the raw, manic intensity of an early Sam Raimi. Snyder’s endlessly fertile, endlessly twisted imagination has never been so well-displayed."
Sun-Daughters, Sea-Daughters (2021)
Aimee Ogden
"Absolutely gorgeous and deeply moving, this novella is familiar and strange at the same time, like a new interpretation of a beloved recipe."
Immunity Index (2021)
Sue Burke
"Prescient and powerful, this is a gut-punch of a book...Sue Burke only gets better and better. She is a genuine if unsung hero of our genre."
Nothing But Blackened Teeth (2021)
Cassandra Khaw
"This is a glorious poem, a slow-motion collapse leading to the inevitable haunting. It is beautiful and it is brutal and it is heartbroken. Absolutely recommended."
Road of Bones (2022)
Christopher Golden
"You know you're reading a Christopher Golden horror joint when you signed up for a horror novel, that's why you're here, but when the bad shit starts you're like, 'wait, can I shift genres to something where these guys just get to have a nice road trip and everything's okay?'"
Legends & Lattes (2022)
Travis Baldree
"This is a story about following your dreams, even when they take you away from who you thought you had to be. It's sweet, beautiful and, most of all, kind. I hugely recommend this book."
Hollywood Monsters (2022)
(Lilith , book 3)
Dana Fredsti
"Fast, fun, and unrelenting."
Self-Portrait with Nothing (2022)
Aimee Pokwatka
"Self-Portrait with Nothing is a thoughtful, beautiful contemplation on identity and how we build ourselves from all the bones we're given, both by the people who love us and by the people who leave us. How is this a first novel? Gorgeously drawn characters in a new and compelling setting, this is a beautiful book that deserves to be read."

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