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Kathleen Delaney

Kathleen Delaney grew up in Glendale, California, when it was a small town, or at least a small city. Streets held pick up baseball games as well as cars, kids rode their bikes everywhere, and car pools had yet to be invented.Marriage moved her to other places in southern California, Costa Mesa, La Habra Heights, Cypress and Chino. Each place grew tract houses and shopping malls, and rapidly filled up with young families and cars. Lots of cars.Children filled her own house, five of them, along with dogs, cats, ice skates, footballs, small trucks, jacks, crayons, friends of children and, soon, calves, pigs and rabbits. Kathleen’s first published story was about the adventures, and mis-adventures, of her children and 4H.

Genres: Romance, Cozy Mystery