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Merrie Destefano left a 9-to-5 desk job as a magazine editor to become a full-time novelist and freelance editor. Her first novel, Afterlife: The Resurrection Chronicles, is an urban fantasy published by Harper Voyager, and her second novel, Feast: Harvest of Dreams releases June 28, 2011. With twenty years' experience in publishing, her background includes editor of Victorian Homes magazine and founding editor of Cottages & Bungalows magazine. Born in the Midwest, she currently lives in Southern California with her husband, two German shepherds, a Siamese cat, and the occasional wandering possum. Her favorite hobbies include reading speculative fiction and watching old Star Trek episodes, while her incurable addiction is writing. She loves to camp in the mountains, walk on the beach, watch old movies and listen to alternative music--although rarely all at the same time.

Genres: Young Adult Romance, Urban Fantasy
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Merrie Destefano recommends
The Line Between (2019)
(Line Between , book 1)
Tosca Lee
"THE LINE BETWEEN by Tosca Lee had me captivated from page one! I've never read a book with a premise quite like this and I love apocalyptic fiction. OUTBREAK meets David Koresh in this fast-paced tale of a young woman cast out of a doomsday cult and thrown into a world ravaged by a mysterious epidemic. As always, Tosca Lee delivers more than I expect, this time with a perfect thread of romance expertly woven through the pages. I instantly fell in love with Chase and, as a true apocalypse fan, the survival skills he brought to this End-Of-The-World table made the story even more believable. And the puppy? Swoon! Pardon me while my heart melts! I give this book 5 stars and plan to keep it in my Bug Out Bag, along with my MREs, first aid kit and Swiss Army knife."
The Seventh Sun (2020)
(Age of the Seventh Sun, book 1)
Lani Forbes
"This vivid, historic tale will transport readers to an ancient culture and, along the way, will capture their hearts, as well."
Sting (2020)
Cindy R Wilson
"A page-turning dystopian romance about a girl with a secret identity who's trying to save the world. The Scorpion is my new favorite heroine!."

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