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S M Stirling

Canada (1953 - )

S. M. Stirling is the national bestselling author of Island in the Sea of Time, Against the Tide of Years, and On the Ocean of Eternity. He was born in France and raised in Europe, Africa, and North America. He currently lives in Santa Fe.
Raj Whitehall (with David Drake)
1. The Forge (1991)
2. The Hammer (1992)
3. The Anvil (1993)
4. The Steel (1993)
5. The Sword (1995)
6. The Chosen (1996)
7. The Reformer (1999)
Warlord (omnibus) (2003)
The Conqueror (omnibus) (2003)
Hope Reborn (omnibus) (2013)
Falkenberg's Legion (with Jerry Pournelle)
3. Go Tell the Spartans (1991)
4. Prince of Sparta (1993)
Prince (omnibus) (2002)
Legends of the Riftwar (with Raymond E Feist)
3. Jimmy the Hand (2003)

Series contributed to
Anthologies edited
Anthologies containing stories by S M Stirling
Short stories
Roachstompers (1989)
Flyboy (1999)
Taking Freedom (1999)

Prometheus Award Best Novel nominee (1991) : Under the Yoke

S M Stirling recommends
The Annunciate
The Annunciate (1999)
Severna Park
"A spellbinding brew of love, fear, nanotechnology, virtual reality, sex, drugs and a profound meditation on the nature and possibilities of human interaction."
Carthage Ascendant
Carthage Ascendant (2000)
(Book of Ash, book 2)
Mary Gentle
"One of the best fantasies I've read in 15 years, bar none."
Night of the Long Knives
Night of the Long Knives (2002)
(Zancharthus, book 3)
Mark E Rogers
"The Zancharthus books are a weird, wild, high-energy high-fantasy ride, literally to hell and gone. I enjoyed them thoroughly, even as my jaw dropped. In a field full of timid conformism Mark Rogers isn't afraid."

The Center Cannot Hold (2002)
(American Empire, book 2)
Harry Turtledove
"Exciting action, well-drawn characters who draw you into their lives and joys and sorrows, a tightly logical and engrossing plot, and an encyclopedic knowledge of history that enriches the narrative without slowing it - what's not to like? Buy the book!"
Wolf's Head, Wolf's Heart
Wolf's Head, Wolf's Heart (2002)
(Through Wolf's Eyes, book 2)
Jane Lindskold
"Through Wolf's Eyes combines the mythic resonances of a feral child raised by wolves with a fascinating fantasy of a freshness and originality that makes all the legion of mock-medieval clones look pale and faded. Her characters live-they're real, but they are different. And the world they live in lingers in the mind; heroic, squalid, and exotic everyday I was convinced that it went on by itself when I turned the last page. Bravo!"

The Shadow of the Storm (2003)
(Fallen Cloud, book 3)
Kurt R A Giambastiani
"A fresh and interesting treatment of Native American Legend."

Goddess of the Ice Realm (2003)
(Lord of the Isles, book 5)
David Drake
"Goddess of the Ice Realm is a solid addition to an outstanding fantasy series, showing once again that Drake is among the most versatile of authors in the SF/Fantasy genres."
Mutineer (2004)
(Kris Longknife, book 1)
Mike Shepherd
"Solid writing, exciting action and likeable characters."

A Shadow in Summer (2006)
(Long Price Quartet, book 1)
Daniel Abraham
"In a world of bloated fantasy clones, Abraham's voice is fresh and startlingly new; not only is his worldbuilding original, but the characters who inhabit the universe he's created are both strange and fully human."
Final Impact
Final Impact (2006)
(Axis of Time, book 3)
John Birmingham
"The action is nonstop, the characters very real - and very different from each other - and, to coin a phrase, it makes you think."
Maelstrom (2009)
(Destroyermen, book 3)
Taylor Anderson
"Anderson has brought a fresh new perspective to the tale of crosstime shipwreck."

Directive 51 (2010)
(Daybreak , book 1)
John Barnes
"Barnes has written the thinking person's techno-thriller. The large cast is handled adroitly, the tension level is high, the big ideas make you think, and I was kept up all night!"

Child of a Hidden Sea (2014)
(Stormwrack, book 1)
A M Dellamonica
"Something refreshing in the way of fantasy. I look forward eagerly to the next in the series!"

The Infernal Battalion (2018)
(Shadow Campaigns, book 5)
Django Wexler
"A fascinating world of dust and bayonets and muskets...and magic."

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