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Mia Dolan

Mia Dolan is one of the UK's most eminent and extraordinary psychics whose work has taken her from private readings to ghostbusting to psychic demonstrations in front of hundreds of people. Her abilities have made her one of the most sought-after psychics in the country. She is now the psychic investigator and ghost-buster on ITV's HAUNTED HOMES. She also recently won the paranormal edition of THE WEAKEST LINK.

She was born and still lives on the island of Sheppey, off the Kentish Coast, where her first novel is set.
Non fiction
   The Gift (2002)
   I Know Why We're Here (2004)
   Mia's World (2005) (with Rosalyn Chissick)
   Haunted Homes (2006)
   Mia Dolan's Psychic Stories (2008)